5 Advantages of .NET for Developing Bespoke Applications

While developing custom software, there are numerous frameworks and languages to select from. We have knowledge of numerous of them at Far Reach, but Microsoft .NET has shown to be the most reliable. It’s frequently a fantastic choice for enterprise applications.

To find out what it is and why we like it, keep reading.

.NET: What Is It?

It is possible to create any kind of programme using the open-source .NET software development platform, including games, microservices, IoT apps, and mobile and web apps. The application environment is quite flexible because it supports 60 different programming languages.

With market shares of around 34% and 31%, respectively, the.NET framework and its successor,.NET Core, are two of the top three frameworks used globally.

With such a substantial market share, it is evident that.NET is generally ideal for creating highly scalable programmes for small businesses as well as major corporations.

5 Arguments in Favor of.NET for Developing Bespoke Applications After going through the fundamentals, let’s explore the advantages of.NET. We’ve discovered the following after utilising it for software projects for decades:

  1. A setting that is extremely secure Everyone is now quite concerned about cybersecurity, but our clients in highly-sensitive industries like healthcare or financial services are particularly worried about it. We are aware that effective security must begin at the very start of the development process.

If the development environment you’re using lacks the necessary capabilities, it can be challenging to create a secure custom software application. Role-based security, threat monitoring, and many more methods of application security are simple to implement with.NET.

  1. The Developer-Friendliness of.NET .NET is supported by a substantial amount of resources due to its significant market share. You’re never on your own in the.NET world thanks to education and certifications, open-source extensions, and developer assistance.

Microsoft is dedicated to providing a platform that is great for both businesses and developers. This makes it simpler to find help for your application because there is a large community of.NET developers at all skill levels.

3..NET Is Not Limited to Microsoft .NET is a cross-platform framework, despite the fact that most people identify it with Microsoft. Applications that work with Microsoft products as well as those that operate on iOS, Linux, Android, and other platforms can be made. Only 11 of the 60 languages supported by the.NET framework were developed by Microsoft. Whatever the project requires, we frequently integrate JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, and more.

Building cross-platform applications with.NET in the Visual Studio development environment enables us to reuse a single codebase across numerous application variants.

Scalability 4. Your software has to evolve along with your company’s growth and developments. Because of.total NET’s scalability, it is possible to increase user numbers, functionality, data usage, and other factors.

The use of economies of scale can also benefit you. You can make blueprints using.NET, which enables developers to reuse particular elements across many software projects. One section of your application’s code can be changed without affecting others. When it’s time to expand, you can add new modules, update existing ones, and benefit from work that has already been finished, tested, and distributed to users.

  1. Make upkeep a breeze .NET tools enable a smooth procedure when updating certain system parts or when it’s time to switch to the most recent.NET release. To ensure that your users always have the best experience, you may run updates, conduct regression testing, and publish a new version live.

With the help of Application Insights, you can automatically detect and track mistakes, security risks, performance problems, abnormalities, and more, giving you the time you need to take quick action and keep your system updated to increase its lifespan.

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