5 Exceptional Tips To Write A Winning SEO Article

5 Exceptional Tips To Write A Winning SEO Article

Writing is a job that requires extensive research and talent at its fingertips. It is vital to keep a reader intact to the article from the heading to the conclusion. There are writers and there are people who love to Write. A good writer knows their job, they are aware of the points that elevate the article.

Well, on the other hand, a newbie stepping their foot into the writing arena or having a desire to polish their skills in writing. Some tips and tricks help in writing winning articles. The article should have a solid topic and the content should stand out from the crowd so that you make up a winning streak.

To ace a good article, you need to know the value of writing a good article. A valuable article goes in the vaults of history and the readers come to read it back. Before going into the process of writing, go through the step-by-step tips to become a proven writer.

Here are some tips that can help you to write a headlines worthy article,

The Tips to A Perfect SEO Article

The world is running at a fast pace, now and then the digital spaces are modifying so are their criteria. The search engine keeps a keen eye on everything, it extracts only authentic articles that have the targeted keywords or are fit according to the criteria of the search engine. A good SEO article earns a staggering rank on the SERP. To create a SEO friendly Wikipedia page, one cans seek assistance from Wikipedia page writing service.

It is crucial to write an SEO-friendly article, An SEO article is a price of writing that is posted on your website. Today, everything in the digital space runs SEO algorithms. An SEO article gains more visibility and Google indexes the articles and drives more than 50% traffic on the website. Google only ranks a well-written article.

  • Start by Practsing
  • Keep the content search engine friendly
  • Write a structured article
  • Build the backlinks
  • Keep researching the keywords

Start By Practicing

Practice is what makes anything perfect. You need to practice at the beginning. Start by simply reading blogs from different web pages or offline platforms. Keep things simple, don’t go overboard with your ideas and perceptions. Before going into the topic, make bullet points, sort out what you will write and how the topic will be divided, and start practicing drafts.

Writing drafts and practicing helps in avoiding mistakes, repetitive content, and polishing the vocabulary.

Keep the Content SEO friendly

It is vital to write an article that fits into the criteria of Google. The key to an SEO-friendly article is to include the targeted keywords in the heading and make it short and crisp. Add the meta title and the meta description. The meta description easily helps the user to land on your article. A well-organized and indexed article makes it authentic.

These are the booster points in creating a SEO optimized article. It automatically brings an article upwards.

Write A Structured Article

The article should have a proper structure. Before writing the article, make sure that you have learned how to write an article step by step. Write the paragraphs short and clean and break paragraphs longer than five lines. Make bullet points if necessary. Divide the headings into H1, H2, and H3 and add the tag words to maintain the hierarchy of the article.

Structuring helps in writing the article easily, it also helps in optimizing the article and makes it easy for the reader to read the article. The pro tip is to make the article visually appealing by adding images and stats to make the article credible.

Just Keep Editing

Once you have written the article it is time to edit it and then edit it again. Editing is the determining factor as it can build or break the credibility of the SEO articles. SEO articles are delicate to write and curate. Each step needs to be handled keenly so there is no room for mistakes or errors. The errors can spoil the article and take it off the search engine page.

Delete the repetitive content, any grammatical mistakes or invalid data.

Keep Researching The Keywords

Writing an SEO-friendly article is tough competition, so you need to keep analyzing the performance of the article. You need to keep an update on the keywords to compete. Use the right tools to find the most searched keywords. There are SEO plug-ins that help in analyzing the data and competition.


An SEO article is a completely researched article written for search engines. To ace the highest rank on the top you can use these tips to write the finest SEO article.

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