5 of the Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

5 of the Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer Also called The Golden City, is one of the cities in Rajasthan situated inside
the Thar Desert. It has a total population of just 78,000 people, Jaisalmer Fort is a
desert town that is built on sandstone with a yellowish hue that turns gold when
exposed to the sunlight.


Despite the harsh climate, Jaisalmer attracts many visitors to its vast Thar desert, which
is home to the utmost in luxury, timelessness, stunning campsites, traditional dance and
mangniyar musicians from the past. Within a couple of kilometers of a track that is
arranged by different camping teams, you’ll find relics of towns that have been
abandoned, Havelis as well as fortresses that give you a taste of the desert’s harsh
mysterious, dark past.


Mama&’s Camp and Resort


Mama’s Resort & Camp is another great campstay in Jaisalmer that will provide you
with you a memorable time! It is situated in the Desert National Park, which was
established to safeguard the ecosystem in the Thar Desert.

With stunning view of the dunes the camp has luxurious camping, safaris in the desert
cultural shows, as well as an array of food choices. The luxurious tents come with
attached sitting areas that are illuminated by flame-torches and lanterns in the evening,
creating a cozy atmosphere.

The camp offers luxurious camping tents as well as desert safaris entertainment for the
culture, and an array of dining choices while looking out over the dunes. The evenings
are when the patios that sit out of the luxury tents are lit up with lighting and torch-fires.


Desert Camp Damodra


Are you looking to stay in a well-equipped Swiss cottage while you visit Jaisalmer
Desert Camp? If you’re looking for fun, Damodra Desert Camp is the perfect spot!

This camping spot is ideal for those who want to experience a true experience, without
sacrificing modern technology. The guests can expect to enjoy the taste of Rajasthani
culture through participation in traditional dances and music, tasting delicious food, and
taking thrilling camel rides throughout their stay. The camp also offers the Hookah
lounge where guests can unwind with family and friends and play board or card games.


Marwar, Atulya Garh


Atulya Garh Marwar, one of the most luxurious camp sites and desert resorts in Khuri, a
hamlet Khuri located 45 kilometers from Jaisalmer is a sanctuary away from the home
of your dreams, though in the confines of the luxury tent. The luxurious tents come with
traditional furnishings with a queen bed, a coffee maker along with a wardrobe and
toilets with private bathrooms.

According to your needs depending on your preferences, there are numerous kinds of
rooms to pick from, including Swiss tents to luxurious suites. This unique experience is
infused with 24 hour hotel service, clean and all the basic modern conveniences along
with musical performances , including traditional dance and meals, beginning at INR
5500for a night.


Jaisalmer Desert Camp, Chokhi Dhani


Chokhi Dhani, one of the top camp sites located in Jaisalmer is an ideal alternative to
experience the authentic Rajputana lifestyle. Based on your preference the camp can
be either their standard or luxury camping areas.

While you can take in exciting desert safaris during the day, the traditional dances and
other performances that are held during the evening will keep your interest! For those
looking to have a few minutes on your own, relax by the campfire and stare at the night

Take a bite of delicious Rajasthani food that is served in a classic leaf plate or just
indulge in some Indian food.


Le Royal Campgrounds


Le Royal campgrounds, located in the Kanoi Hamlet close to and adjacent to the Sam
dunes, is another interesting possibility for your Jaisalmer holiday. These premium
desert campsites have been available for a long time and are conveniently located next
to the dunes.

It has 26 room total which include 5 luxury cottages and 8 Deluxe Swiss tents eleven
royal suites and also free wi-fi along with an outdoor bar, eating area, jeep. There are
also camel safaris and 24-hour hotel service, a firepit and DJ. The night is fully lit up
here, with spectacular shows under the stars-lit sky. It's a good option to bet Le Royal
Camps is a bargain starting at $4600*.

These are the top Thar desert camps that you should think about for your next
staycation. The Thar Desert lies around Jaisalmer. Most of these camps are open to
tourists throughout the yearround, however due to the extreme summer temperatures,
it's ideal to plan your trip between September and March.

The Golden City of Jaisalmer gives you a smelt of Rajput royals and other veterans
from an earlier time; staying in the city for a long period of time lets you feel the fervour
and sincerity of Jaisalmer. Tourists also love spending time in the desert camps in
Jaisalmer. We recommend you read on the Jaisalmer Desert Safari for a complete
overview of the activities that are available within the desert.


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