5 Powerful Factors of Successful E-Commerce Web Design

5 Powerful Factors of Successful E-Commerce Web Design


For E-commerce web sites’ success, it is essential that their website is developed in such a way that once a user transacts with you, he is most likely to come back. Many factors come into play to make this happen which are listed as the article goes on.


Business have been run as far as mankind would be having the records of their history. Earlier there was exchange system prevalent in the marketplace which got changed to buy and sell market in which money was the dominant factor.

Things change over time and business processes, their way of functioning changes with time and as technology advances in modern times.

Nowadays, most of the big businesses are run on World Wide Web using E-commerce platforms through which the company or the seller can sell their products to the customers directly.

Now, for the E-commerce website to be a hit amongst customers, you need to keep certain things in mind which will be discussed later in the article.

Story Today

E-commerce website owners procure the service of certain third-party vendors to provide them service in which a website is created by the vendor for the website owner and the way how the website is created matters quite a lot in the success factor of the website.

The way the website works, looks, and processes data and provides information as desired to the customer in a neat way is a considerable factor which the customer notices while becoming frequent user of a particular website or a brand or anything in life, probably.

Now, it is the duty of the third-party vendor to develop the website using the most optimal technology as available in the market at that point of time, which should be adaptable to future upgradations. Also, the User Interface of the website should be simple so that user is able to understand the path of the website and is able to surf it easily.



Reasons for Success

  • Mobile Friendly – Most customers today access internet through their mobile phones and it is essential for the developer of the website to keep this in mind that the user would be surfing the website in future from his mobile phone or tablet and the website should be developed in the according manner such that it is easily accessible from any source available with the user and the interface should be properly visible in any screen type.
  • Search Bar – Website should also have the functionality of search bar in which regular customers or new users as well can search their desired products at their ease and their product should easily be visible to them after the initiated search.
  • Easy Checkout – Users should be given a royal experience of website surfing by making the checkout process hassle free. These times, Cash on Delivery feature is very prominent which users like to opt for. Many other payment options should be added in the website like debit card, credit card, UPI, Net banking, etc.
  • Quick Load Time – Website should run fast on mobile or laptop because the user shouldn’t feel stuck on website while he is paying for product or is surfing through website for a particular product. Website flow should be smooth and this technical factor should be kept in mind while designing it.
  • Great User Experience – Users should be seeing a user interface which they like to see. The colors should be soothing for the eyes and proper contrast should be maintained while selecting colors for website designing.



Website designing is an art which many can learn but to master it and provide a great output through it is a mastery which takes practice and expertise, which in turn is helpful for the organizations running their businesses online in generating huge profits because they get their website developed from them and if developed good, that website soars sales and makes profits for the owner of the firm.

The points listed above are crucial for any website development company in usa and should be always kept in mind while developing it.


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