5 Reasons To Do Nag Tibba Trek

5 Reasons To Do Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba, one of the most popular winter treks that is located very close to New Delhi as compared to other Himalayan Treks. It is part of Uttarakhand mountain ranges and is at an altitude of 3048 feet above sea level. Climatic conditions of Nag Tibba fluctuate because of the geographical features ranging from plains to the hilly areas. This being a small trek of 1 to 2 days is a perfect trekking spot for the beginners and novice individuals of Himalayan Treks. If you are staying in Delhi, then you can choose a weekend trip as the trek is for 2 days. So from Delhi, you can start from your home on Friday night and travel to reach Dehradun by Saturday morning. Now that you have reached Dehradun, you must drive for 5 hours towards Pantwari village via Mussoorie.  Pantwari is the small base village of Nag Tibba. You can take a halt in Kempty halls for your morning breakfast. After breakfast make sure you reach Pantwari via Nainbagh. At Pantwari you can freshen up as you must have done a long journey and have a nice lunch. Then start your first leg of the trek to Nag Tibba which eventually reaches you to Nag Tibba base camp.

Now you may feel as to why you are supposed to do Nag Tibba trek. But there are some compelling reasons for you to do Nag Tibba. Here are some of the best reasons for you to do Nag Tibba.

  1. Relatively near to Delhi, the capital city.

The uniqueness of Nag Tibba trek is that it is very much close to the capital city, New Delhi. This trek is approximately 350 kilometers away from Delhi making it the most accessible Himalayan Treks as compared to others which may be as far as approximately 500 kilometers away from the main city. And from Dehradun, it is 88 kilometers away. Thus, you may plan your trip to Nag Tibba and come here on your weekends as the travel time can be 8 hours only from Delhi. With this, the goal of achieving a successful trek can be fulfilled at the comfort of your home place.

  1. Small Trek- a happy trek

The trek to Nag Tibba is a small one with just taking 2 days to complete the to and fro journey. This can even be reduced to just 1 day without camping, depending on your time and physical fitness. Also the small hike provides a great opportunity for you to trek along with your family in the Himalayas. Thus, making this trek a happy trek in nature’s serenity. So the small trek makes it easy for the beginners and novice trekkers to enjoy along with your family. This can be a better option for those who want to experience and explore the Himalayan world by learning many lessons from nature.

  1. Natural beauty and serenity

The Trek is very pleasing to eyes that you would feel the whole journey as a gift of nature. The trek is moving from a small village called Pantwari, which itself is very beautiful and is studded with small houses. So the beginning of the trek itself shows the initial beauty of Nag Tibba. Then the hike goes across the beautiful dense forests of oak, pine trees, rhododendrons with clear grasslands, and a lot of ridge walks. Generally, it takes 4-5 days for other kinds of Treks in order to see these kinds of beauty, especially the ridge walk. Thus making it will compel you to come and experience the real sense.

  1. Camping in the lap nature

The Most iconic thing as part of Nag Tibba trek is that with just one or two days of trekking or hiking you will have the experience of camping at night in the Himalayan range. This also includes pitching of the tents, sleeping in sleeping bags, along with family outings. The most beautiful views of snow capped mountains with sharp ridges will make your day in camping. Though you may not see the beauty of them as soon as the dark blanket arrives, you may feel the serenity of it with its calmness.

  1. Easy to moderate trek

Unlike any other Himalayan Treks, Nag Tibba trek is a bit unique. Despite being a part of Garhwal ranges of Himalayan mountains, this trek is relatively easy to hike even for the novice trekker. The only thing you need to trek these mountains is the confidence that you would successfully complete the trek along with bagging memorable moments.

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