6 Reasons Why Website Design Is Important

6 Reasons Why Website Design Is Important

An effective website can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. A badly designed website may turn off your potential customers and keep them away from learning about the value of your products or services or contacting you with their concerns. In contrast, a well-designed website that focuses on usability and user experience can increase brand awareness, boost traffic, bring in new customers, and improve conversion rates across the board.


If you are thinking about branding your business, then a website is the fairest and cost-effective option to boost your business value. After all, many of your customers will find you online before they ever enter your brick-and-mortar store in person. So, it’s vital that they have an enjoyable and engaging experience while browsing around your website. Plus, what do you think would happen if your website stopped working? Your business would come to a screeching halt! Here comes the role of a good website designer.


A well-designed and the aesthetically pleasing website attracts visitors and converts them into customers. It can be difficult to run your business if potential clients aren’t finding you, but with the right website design company in Kolkata, you’ll be able to reach the largest possible audience. Here are 6 reasons why website design is important to consider when planning out your online marketing strategy.

Helps Optimize The Website For Search Engines

Increasing traffic is important for any business and there’s no faster way to boost your site than by improving its search engine rankings. But, how exactly do you optimize a website? One of our favorite tools to help with that is Google Analytics. With it, you can track and analyze just about everything related to your website so that you can fine-tune and customize where necessary. For example, did you know that a poorly optimized headline can increase bounce rates by 200%? It may seem like an obvious thing now but when redesigning a site or creating one from scratch, ask yourself what potential issues might arise if someone stumbles across your site accidentally or via a search engine.

People Will Trust Your Business

The design of your website is important for more than just business growth. The internet has become a highly visual environment, and if people don’t like what they see when they visit your site, then you can lose their trust. People want to do business with companies that are reputable, professional, and put a little bit of extra effort into the presentation—something only a quality website design company can help you accomplish. If people trust you and like what they see on your site, then it becomes much easier to convince them to buy from you or engage with your brand in some way. So, not only will you see an increase in sales but also an increase in engagement as well.

Google Just Loves Good Websites

Google’s search engine makes it super easy to find information and navigate around websites, as long as those websites are functional. If you have a website and it’s not showing up in Google searches or if your site is hard to use, you might lose customers. That can translate into real dollar losses for your business, which is why it’s important to hire a good web design company. They will help you create an easy-to-use website that looks professional and is optimized for Google’s search algorithm.

Makes Your Website Responsive

As more users browse from their mobile devices and tablets, it’s becoming crucial for business owners to make sure their website is responsive. Responsive design ensures that your website works across multiple platforms and screens of all sizes. This is especially important because a poor mobile experience will turn off potential customers, which can have an impact on sales. Google penalizes businesses that aren’t mobile device friendly, by dropping them in search results. As more people rely on mobile to get around, don’t risk being left behind and losing business. Make sure your website has a responsive design.

Creates First Impression About Your Business

Always remember, the first impression is the last impression. Great impressions can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, so don’t neglect to use them. It takes almost 2.6 seconds of time for the eyes to settle on the key areas of a web page. Using high-quality images, introductory video, short loading time, proper visual effects, engaging content turns the result into surprisingly fast turnaround times. It develops a connection between your business and the target audience.

Boosts Your Brand Value

A poorly designed website turns out unreliable to the audience which decreases the brand value of your business. Consistent and user-friendly designs help reach the target audience. It generates genuine online traffic and earns organic leads and conversions. The web designs effectively represent the quality, dependability, and all-over brand image that advance your business’s brand value.




It’s pretty difficult for visitors to engage with your business if your website isn’t easy on their eyes. But beyond basic functionality, there are other reasons why building a website with a professional web designer is critical. This is why we recommend Keyline Creative Services, the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata with 20 years of exquisite experience. Our team of web design experts that have years of expertise creating and managing websites for businesses in a wide range of industries across India.


If you are serious about business, consider hiring professional web designers. Starting a business is challenging, and you’re going to want every advantage you can get. Our team knows the value behind your business. We want your website to perform at its best. Join your hands with us and discuss some online marketing strategies.


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