7 Best Functionalities Provided by Multi-Seller Ecommerce Platforms

7 Best Functionalities Provided by Multi-Seller Ecommerce Platforms

Have you ever thought about what attracts and fuels the progress of E-commerce platforms in recent years as they have exponentially multiplied their online users. These functionalities have not only captured 57% of the average world population (Nielsen) but also made several entrepreneurs build their Marketplace.

E-Commerce is a transaction that takes place electronically online. And by the year 2021, IT is predicted to produce $4.5 trillion in sales each year as 93.5 percent of worldwide internet users have ordered products online. (OptinMonster)

Nevertheless, an E-commerce site does not function as a conventional e-commerce business. Hence here is a collection of Functionalities that you need to pay attention to when picking the most appropriate platform for selecting the best suitable Marketplace.


Mobile ready Applications

As 49% of online traffic comes from Mobile Platforms, it becomes an important feature that increases the conversion rate up to 3 times compared to websites (Statista).

Mobile Apps of sites make sure that everything operates seamlessly: you can set up accounts. It provides personal dashboards which are easy-to-use, payments are safe and completed fast, shoppers can magnify product photographs, all forms and buttons are available

Responsiveness has already gone to the top of key design elements. This responsible for the appearance, feel and functionality of the platform on numerous devices.

User advantages: you don’t have to put in a ton of information to start using the app. Such a simple entry point helps make a mobile internet business considerably more accessible.

Market leaders provide numerous financing options: debit or credit cards, money, client wallets, cross-border payments, other payments methods.

For instance, AliExpress provides to accumulate pennies and swap them to platform or sellers’ vouchers which may be utilized as a bonus or reduction to the purchase amount subsequently.

Another crucial feature linked to payments is the availability of numerous currencies, which will help consumers be more devoted to your platform.


Real-time tracking

Real-time GPS tracking helps customers customize their delivery timing and keeps them engaged from booking to delivery of an order.

Many e-commerce website development company provide free and seamless delivery (Next day delivery), which helps in connecting the bridge between  buyers and seller


One functionality it gives is the various payment and wallet options, making the experience smoother and increasing the chances of successful payment.

Gps tracking is a tool that enables buyers to watch the status of their order in real-time, from when it’s placed to the moment it ultimately arrives on their doorstep.

Usually, the store will offer a client frequent updates on the purchase’s progress either through email or SMS, beginning with the first order confirmation. Because everyone has access to the same information, this guarantees that there’s no uncertainty between customers or support personnel over whether an item has been dispatched or when it’s due to arrive.

Customers will generally get tracking updates when the following milestones are reached:


Whenever the items arrive

As fulfillment starts

Whenever the product has been dispatched

Whenever the product is out for the arrival

When a shipment has been made


Easy search and navigation

Many of the primary reasons people opt to buy from a marketplace are the diversity given and the availability of numerous brands and items at a fantastic price range.

Customers typically visit a marketplace hunting for a particular product or brand; this makes the search more accessible for the clients and gives you a better experience. Similarly, after you have located the desired goods, the navigation is promptly straightforward for the checkout process.


Buyers interested in purchasing a product may examine its specifications such as type, size, weight, color, material, and warranty. You receive all the information you need accessible in one spot.

Owing to galleries, buyers get to examine a product from various perspectives, which gets them closer to the delightful online store buying experience. You can also give 3-d representations where customers may easily spin the items around to view them clearer.



Real-time analytics helps you understand the latest trends and upcoming offers according to your buying trends. It analyses the wishlist, understands user behavior, and updates the recommended tab according to your fashion trend.

Advanced reporting and analytics may give insight into fascinating data:

measure the quantity of customers that have enrolled on site \phone users who drop by  site and their demographics

check the top selling categories

check what consumers added to their bucket lists.

Augmented Reality provides the seller the possibility to show you their goods in a natural setting


when the demand for a particular product is excellent. In such a circumstance, by raising the prices, profit margins are enhanced to a significant level. However, analytics make sure that the pricing is not over the top since it can lower the leads





Promotional offers

As we know, revenue from E-Commerce on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018 was more than $2 billion, surpassing the records established the year before. (Practical eCommerce)


E-commerce gives unique discounts, customized region vise, which provides you with incredible deals for which customers wait for a long time and helps them save a large chunk of money compared to offline retail stores.


In the age of services such as Amazon Prime, giving free delivery on most purchases is nearly obligatory. Research reveals that 73 percent of internet buyers say free shipping is what they want to see at checkout. Two out of the three customers indicated they would purchase more online if they knew they could return things with free delivery (per Econsultancy.com). Of course, to provide these services free, the seller needs to arrange pricing and business strategy accordingly.



Seller/buyer dashboards

User dashboards have a significant influence on how readily businesses and buyers can engage with one another. Moreover, it may be a dealbreaker that might urge people to sell their products or services on the Marketplace or move elsewhere.


For vendors, a dashboard provides a  to manage inventory and sales, check order progress, examine best-sellers, shop followers and, reviews, monitor earnings and losses. the dashboard helps the buyer to ask questions related to the product they are interested in

With a professionally integrated buyer dashboard, organization may enable them to acquire information while addressing buyers’ demands. Streamlining the process entirely, so the number one queries that a buyer has are connected to the progress of their purchase.

The buyer dashboard quickly makes the order progress information visible to consumers. It’s crucial that if a marketplace includes split shipping, split ordering, split payment options, etc. that a buyer may receive information and the status on each of those shipments or orders.


Comments and review

This functionality helps you understand the quality and have a real-life experience as you can access the images and reviews posted by other buyers.

It also helps in giving the appropriate rating to a product, which helps make the right decision and provides confidence to the buyer on the product purchased.

Increased Sales


Reviews assist organizations to discover what their consumers think of their goods, service as well as themselves. It enables them to possibly establish good customer connection as well as long term partnerships.


Increased sales

The greatest reason why feedbacks are vital to an ecommerce development Saudi Arabia is that it may eventually lead to higher sales by offering consumers the information about an item or brand they are contemplating to buy. People are more inclined to acquire a product based upon star ratings by others.


Increases Engagement

Online reviews have the impact of generating active social groups where users may discuss their experiences they’ve had with a product or service. Customers who post reviews will generally come and check if others have commented on them or just read what other customers have had to say about their experience with the product or service. This sort of social interaction helps clients to build a link with the online company.


Improves Rankings

Reviews are excellent for SEO. Reviews assist produce a consistent supply of keyword material that help you online company have a more noticeable internet presence. It helps increase your ranking the more individuals you have to discuss about you. Search engines such As google, Google, and Bing deem that incredibly significant.


Creates Customers’ Trust

Customers who actively engage in posting evaluations, tend to establish a loyalty to the business. It helps consumers to feel that they also have a voice and may contribute useful input to assist a firm improve its service or product. The graph below illustrates but during a recent poll , 72 percent of the consumers believed that favorable customer evaluations helped them trust a firm more.

Customer evaluations are vital in building social proof. This marketing word suggests that the views persuade you as customers of others. If you can see that other customers have purchased a thing and are satisfied with it, it reinforces your decision and makes you significantly more inclined to buy that item. Many buyers will immediately hunt for social evidence now that product evaluations are ubiquitous, particularly on major e-commerce sites.


Final thoughts

  • As you’ll see, online multi-vendor markets expand beyond selling apparel, gadgets and cosmetics.Today there are thousands of sites for web developers, artists, landowners and other producers searching for a partner to promote their goods and services.
  • you may become such a partner given that  platform has adequate functionality, satisfies the standards of security and protection, and provides discoverability of items in search engines.

successful. Happy marketing!
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