8 Digitalisation Tools to Boost Your New Business

8 Digitalisation Tools to Boost Your New Business

Since the shocks of COVID, the economy and the market have undergone significant transformations. Businesses today rely largely on online and remote processes to run their operations efficiently. If you want to create a business, you need to make sure that your vision is supported by the correct technology. There are several business software and tools available, but investing in each and every one of them is neither sensible nor practical. Instead, start with a few essential automation tools and gradually introduce add-ons into your existing program as and when it becomes feasible to do so. Here is a list that will assist you with the fundamentals:


E-mail for the company


This is a critical tool for modern enterprises, especially in light of the fact that many operations have shifted to the virtual workplace. It is recommended that you create a professional e-mail account that includes your company name or a custom domain.

It is possible that potential clients and consumers would question the legitimacy of your company if they get an e-mail from an address that is not registered to your domain.

Invest a little amount of money on a business e-mail service that will act as a reminder of your brand and a source of identity. Make sure you have some fundamental firewalls in place to secure the information that is shared on the network. It would be fantastic to have an integrated planner with reminders and push alerts for jobs that have been assigned or saved.


Use of social media:


The days of introducing a product or service to the market only through a billboard or newspaper advertisement are long beyond us. It is highly costly to have an advertisement shown on television. However, there is a less expensive option – social media. In reality, it has a greater reach and a more focused message, allowing you to reach your intended audience. If correctly utilised, it has the potential to propel your company to dizzying new heights of achievement. And, best of all, much of it is free! Check to see that your organisation has active profiles on all of the most popular social media platforms. Businesses nowadays cannot afford to ignore the importance of this instrument. Obtain the attention of potential and recurring consumers. Increase the goodwill associated with your company. Keep in touch with your customers and watch your business flourish.


Travel and Expense Management System


Financial officers and directors are continually seeking to rein in the enormous expenditures connected with corporate travel and associated expenses, which have risen dramatically in recent years. Business travels and face-to-face meetings bring value to some propositions, but they must be justified in terms of financial return on investment. Incorporating an effective travel and expenditure management system into your business can help you stay within budget. In certain cases, these tools allow users to scan their invoices in numerous formats since artificial intelligence pulls all of the required information from these bills. The rules and entitlement advantages of your firm may be incorporated to ensure that your employees remain informed of them while on the road. They will be warned by the system if they are at risk of going overboard, and such transactions will not be permitted. If you provide your staff with travel or corporate expense cards, they may be connected with your travel management system, which will then track and record the expenses. Some advanced software allows for the submission of advance cash and travel requests, allowing staff to avoid the worry of waiting for reimbursements while still adhering to the allocated budget.


Human Resources Solutions


In many respects, having an in-house human resources department may be a hardship.

One of the primary reasons many entrepreneurs choose to outsource this service is because it is too expensive! It is less difficult to collaborate with a reputable HR service provider such as Exela HR Solutions. You are free to outsource as many functions as you think necessary.

From talent acquisition and payroll processing to employee life cycle management, tools like these may relieve you of a lot of stress, allowing you to devote more time to your main business responsibilities instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. The slogan in this case is straightforward: focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.


Learning Management System


Employees must be up to date on the latest product developments. They must also ensure that their talents are aligned with market preferences and the overall nature of the economy. Although you may have employed a skilled team, it is as important to ensure that they maintain their competence. That is why you want a strong learning management system (LMS) such as Exela’s Lynx, which, unlike other platforms, allows you to produce personalised course content in a variety of formats for your students. This way, you can ensure that your staff is constantly one step ahead of the competition, armed with the information and skills necessary to succeed. Look for programs that include gamification aspects, which may make corporate L&D (learning and development) more enjoyable and participatory, hence improving memory and application of new skills and knowledge. Companies that want to grow must invest in a learning management system (LMS).



Communication and meetings


Since the inception of COVID, face-to-face meetings and conferences have seen a significant decrease in attendance. Despite the fact that many jurisdictions have relaxed their regulations, internet video calls and conferences continue to be the preferred method of communication. Organisations have learned that by eliminating in-person meetings, they may do business more quickly and efficiently. This has resulted in a reduction in travel, hotel, and preparation expenses. A number of free programs are easily available, and they are also quite user-friendly. The number of participants in free versions is generally limited to a few hundred or so people. If you want to bring a big group of people together for a conference, consider purchasing a premium version. By allowing hosts to conduct presentations and share a view of their screen, these systems allow participants to join in and interact from the comfort of their own homes or offices, eliminating geographical barriers. Many of these applications allow you to record the conversation and then download a ready-made transcript so that you can simply retrieve the information that was discussed. Some of them have time or data restrictions, so be sure to read the details before committing to one of them.


E-signature platform (also known as a digital signature platform)


Electronic signatures allow users to create electronic signatures for PDF documents, words and other online in the same way that they would sign them by hand, and the signatures are legally binding on all consenting parties if the provisions of the contract are followed. When you consider all of the resources that are saved as a result of this option, it is quite cost-effective. It shortens the signing process by removing the need to schedule appointments, send follow-up reminders, and mail papers to the signatory parties. All of this efficiency comes with increased security, which is a bonus. As a result, it is no longer a privilege available just to those in the technologically advanced industries, but rather a requirement for enterprises in this day and age. The use of encrypted digital signature technology gives the security, stability, and adaptability that are required in the current situation. You’ll never have to worry about having your documents certified again!


Transferring, sharing, and storing of files


Things have changed dramatically as a result of the large number of employees working from home. It is no longer possible to move from one workstation to another in order to transfer documents. Furthermore, huge presentations and files may not be able to be transmitted through email because of the size restrictions imposed by email service providers. It is possible that you may require a file transfer program, particularly one that keeps information in the cloud so that authorised users can access it from a variety of places. It is not necessary to use extra applications if you already have a cloud-based e-signature partner such as WeSignature. You may distribute and keep signed documents digitally and retrieve them as needed without the need for other apps.




Indeed, there are a plethora of programs from which to choose. This list, on the other hand, is simple in character. From here, you may expand and develop in accordance with your needs and progress. However, in order for companies to perform properly in this digital age, these are the important tools that must be familiarised with in order to conduct smooth operations and network with other organisations. Look for programs that interface effortlessly with one another.


WeSignature is a highly secure, rapid, and legally binding for creating signature online electronically that frees you from the time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient paper-based procedures that are common in the industry. Not only does it make signing documents easier, faster, and more error-free, but it also provides the additional benefit of keeping your documents securely in the cloud. So prepare to enter the new era of digital transformation by implementing sustainable and innovative solutions.

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