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A Galaxy S23 Ultra treatment is on the way for Samsung’s Galaxy Book



Samsung is hinting its upcoming Galaxy Book Windows laptop will get the Ultra treatment, following its Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet and its upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra phone. It is likely that Samsung will include a S Pen in the Ultra, since its Note product line has been shuttered to focus on Ultra. In addition, the price tag and the cameras could be prohibitively expensive.

Roh explains how the Note brand evolved into the Ultra brand as President and Head of Samsung Mobile Experiences (MX) Business. Despite its performance and camera capabilities, Roh says “Ultra means big.”.

The Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco is fast approaching, and Samsung is already accepting online reservations for two devices: a Galaxy Book, a Windows laptop to follow the Galaxy Book 2 Pro, and an Android smartphone. A Samsung laptop may have even more screen real estate than Apple’s best MacBook Pro.

You might see something like this on a Galaxy Book Ultra

As the MacBook Pro’s new M2 Pro processor becomes available, Samsung might entice customers with a new phone. As a worthy Apple competitor, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro performed well in our tests.

There is a good chance the Galaxy Book Ultra will come with a pen, a Samsung S Pen, of course. A camera upgrade is also expected, and since the webcam is the primary lens on a laptop, it should be upgraded. Intel’s latest silicon would also boost performance, so we’d expect to see a boost.

A Galaxy Book Ultra will also likely support cellular connectivity, perhaps even fast 5G networks, as Samsung talks about connectivity quite a bit in its blog post. It’s better to use your laptop in a connected area if you’ll be sitting still and have a massive antenna, compared to a smartphone.

It’s possible, however, that Samsung is referring to contestability between the laptop and the Galaxy S23 device. A suite of automated software could make the device connect to the new phones when they are within range, relieving the laptop entirely of cellular connectivity. 5G laptops are still a rarity, so we’re hoping for the latter.

The hints are plentiful, but the details are scarce

It is unfortunate that there are few specifics or even deducible hints in the blog post regarding what we can expect to see in the new phone. A Galaxy Book cannot match the Galaxy S22 Ultra nor the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra in terms of features, since there is no Ultra version of the Galaxy Book.

In our ongoing coverage of the Samsung Unpacked event, we will cover the new phones and laptops, as well as any new Samsung devices. There may even be a few surprises in store, such as great new cameras and cool new laptops.

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