All you need to know about the new Warplane system in Age of Origins.

Age of Origins, a mobile strategy game published by Camel Games, has just received an exciting new update. The update allows players to get their hands on a new Warplane system and adds a lot of new gameplay experiences for everyone to dig their teeth into. What more can you anticipate from this brand-new addition to the zombie apocalypse, in addition to the incredible combat abilities and stunning spectacular effects that take place on the battlefield?

Unlocking and wielding your Warplane

Given the nature of the latest addition to the zombie-themed strategy game, the Warplane can be unlocked at the Airport in your City. You can also upgrade your Warplane here – do keep in mind that your City level will determine the number of Warplanes you can possess (up to five Warplanes).


With a Warplane in your arsenal, you can increase your Battle Power and boost your Troops via special buffs. Additionally, the Dodge Skill lets Warplanes evade incoming attacks with a certain percentage, keeping them safe from any damage. This will no doubt come in handy when you’re in a pinch, and if you want to buff up your survivability even further, you can increase your Warplanes’ Battle Power by unlocking new skills as you modify them to new phases.

Login bonuses and event items

The new Warplane system not only spices up the action while you’re attacking and are under assault (note that only your most powerful Warplane may take part in your City’s Defence when you’re under siege), but it also brings with it copious prizes you can earn just by checking into the game Drift Hunters.

The Benefits Card, for instance, delivers free in-game items every day with the Super Benefits Card. During the event, fighting Zombies allows you acquire event goods which, in turn, may be used to redeem resources. You may also earn Warplane Component and Warplane Alloy as upgrade materials and snag additional Warplane Skills.

Quest Bingo and a new officer to boot

On the other hand, the update also adds a new Quest Bingo where you’ll simply have to complete Quests to reap rewards such as Warplane equipment, speed-ups and other resources. And finally, a new officer named Maria is joining the fray, with an exclusive skill called “Eagle Eye Detection” that helps you detect enemy intelligence and boost your Troops’ attack in combat.

If you’re keen on giving these new additions a go for yourself, you can download Age of Origins on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

New players that join before 10th April can receive some additional goodies by redeeming the code “pocketgamer2303”.

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