An Elaborative Guide to Do Rockspace Extender Setup

Are you looking for information on how to set up a Rockspace WiFi range extender? Thanks to Google that you have been redirected to the correct web page. In this article, you will find each and every minute of information that you need to complete Rockspace WiFi extender setup. You simply need to walk through this informative guide and follow the instructions provided here and complete the setup process in a hassle-free manner.

Basic Requirements for Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

  • Rockspace WiFi range extender

  • Already set up host router

  • An Ethernet cable

  • Smart device like computer or laptop

  • Stable power supply

  • High-speed internet connection

  • Rockspace extender login password

Once you are ready with the above-mentioned prerequisites, you can commence the setup process for your Rockspace extender.

Rockspace Extender Setup Steps[Manual Method]

Step 1: Power Up Rockspace Extender

First of all, plug the Rockspace WiFi range extender into an active and non-damaged power socket. Turn the power button on and wait till the lights on the extender are settled down. Solid lights on the extender indicate a completely powered-up device.

Step 2: Connect Extender to Router

Now, it is time to connect the Rockspace extender to the host router. The extender works by receiving the signal from the host router and then extending it further. So, use an Ethernet cable and establish a solid connection between the two networking devices. You can also place a wireless connection between them. In the event, you are connecting them wirelessly, make sure the devices are not placed far from each other.

Step 3: Log In to Extender Admin Panel

To move further, get your hands on your computer or a laptop. Power it up and launch any web browser of your choice. The browser that you are using should be an updated one and should be clear of the cache and junk files. After this, input the login web address re.rockspace.local into the URL bar of the browser. Pressing the Enter key on the keyboard will take you to the Rockspace login page wherein you got to input the login credentials in the respective fields. Hit the Log In button to navigate to the Rockspace admin panel.

Step 4: Execute the Final Setup Process

Here we come to the final step to complete the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. As soon as you reach the admin panel or the Rockspace extender setup page, you will see some on-screen prompts. All you got to do finally is keep following all the prompts till you complete the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process.

There you go! You have successfully set up your Rockspace extender. You can now relocate your extender to a new location in the home where you want to extend the network and access its WiFi.

Rockspace Extender Setup [WPS Method]

There is one more method that can be used to set up the Rockspace WiFi extender. This is known as the WPS method. WPS stands for Wireless Protected Setup. In this method, you don’t need the login password to execute the setup steps. This is a very simple and short procedure. The only issue with this is that the host router should be WPA-enabled. Here are the instructions for the Rockspace WiFi range extender using the WPS method:

  • Bring the Rockspace extender and the router to the same room.

  • Power up the Rockspcae extender by connecting it to an active wall socket. Switch on the power button. Wait till the lights turn solid.

  • Likewise, power up the host router as well.

  • Locate the WPS button on your extender now.

  • Once you have found it, push it gently.

  • In the same manner, look for the WPS button on the router as well and press it.

That’s it! Your Rockspace extender set up using the WPS method.

The Closing Note

This is how you can set up your Rockspace extender using http //re.rockspace.local login page and the WPS button. Once you done with setting up your extender, you need to shift it to a new location. An ideal location for the WiFi extender is halfway between the router and the areas with WiFi dead spots in the home. The place that you choose should be away from other networking devices, home appliances, and metallic surfaces. This will help you get better signals from the extender.

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