Baga Beach Water Sports North Goa

Baga Beach Water Sports North Goa

Looking for beach activities and watersport activities then here In Goa the Baga beach is the perfect destination to explore. This beautiful captivated beach is surrounded by palm trees. This beach is situated in North Goa. It’s the last beach on the stretch of coastline which starts at Sinquerim beach. There are various options for water activities. Enjoy this scenic beach with adventures all around. A blue ocean and mighty waves must be calling you for the adventures on the beachside. You can also Book Baga Beach Water Sports North Goa from here.

Different water sports at Baga Beach

  1. Jet Ski

It’s going to be a super-duper ride for you, if you are a good observer at Bollywood films then in many movies this shot of a jet ski has been taken. This is going to be your private ride with your partner. No doubt the safety measures will be taken care of by putting on a life jacket. You will always have a scooter ride on the road now this will be on water which will definitely give you a lot of fun.

  • Parasailing

Who doesn’t want to glide under the blue ocean? You can take this ride with your partner. Enjoy the high wind on the sea. A magnificent view in the air will make it worth doing this adventure. Click many photos while doing this activity. And while landing experience that tickles in your stomach.

  • Flyboarding

If you are done with all regular sports activities on the beach then must try this newly added addition in watersports. This sport will give you a high jump against the gravity in the air. One can stand on a flyboard and then the device will produce the propulsion which makes you jump up high in the air. This experience will be very much unique.

  • Banana Ride

Who doesn’t love this ride? Those who come in the group and want to explore that group activity to strengthen their bond as a team. Then just go for a banana ride. One has to sit on an inflated tube and hold it tightly. The last-minute fall will make you laugh for a really long time.

  • Speed Boat Ride

This one is going to be a quick and energetic ride perfect for adventure lovers. Enjoy this ride with your loved ones and experience those mighty waves around. This short-term adventure will be a nice adrenalin shot for you.

  • Bumper Boat Ride

Bumper Boat rides are nothing but what you have experienced in a bumper car ride. But instead of the road, this ride will be in a sea, where your boat is tied to a speed boat and it will give you many jerks. Lots of thrill and laugh will be at the same time.

  • Sunset Kayaking

Enough of adventure and now you want a peaceful evening with some little excitement, then go Kayaking in the middle of the ocean. While watching the sunset and when the tides are calm. Experience the tranquility for peace of mind.

  • Jet Flyer

This one is for those who want to try some offbeat sports on Baga beach. Other than regular sports one can try Jet Flyer. This one is great for that extra stimulation of adventure. This ride is above the water which is going to be an outstanding experience for adventure lovers.

8. Scuba Diving

Last but not the least, the clear water on Baga Beach is definitely going for Scuba diving. If you want to explore inside the ocean then go for this activity. With a little training and instructions, one can try this adventure. With full safety measures, you can dive inside the sea and witness marvelous beauty at Baga Beach. The diversity of nature even deep into the ocean will surprise you. Make your water sport activity even more memorable by doing scuba diving.

There are plenty of watersports to choose from on Baga Beach and nowadays these new watersports are changing the trend for adventures. One can do individual sports or with a team, they can enjoy the adventure. Different packages are available according to your budget. The only this you need to be sure about is which sports you are going to try so that without wasting a time you can take the watersports package accordingly.


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