Benefits Of Using Google Ads In Keyword Research

Benefits Of Using Google Ads In Keyword Research

If your digital marketing agency looking to take advantage of Google’s massive daily search volume and quickly gain the attention you need to increase your bottom line, Signing up for Google Ads is the best way to get started.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is Google’s advertising solution and program for businesses to market their products and services across the company’s extensive product and search network.

You may use the ad platform to promote on the world’s two largest search engines, Google and YouTube.

The program is the sole option to advertise on Google’s other products, such as Gmail.

Many businesses have found that advertising on Google is no longer just a tool to grow revenue and reach, but increasingly a necessity to stay competitive.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Google’s Reach

Today, Google has evolved from a brand to a verb. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “Google.” That’s because, nowadays, people’s first visit Google when they have a query that needs to be answered. Google it when

Do you want to discover if there’s a way to get rid of your back pain? Do you want to know if there’s a solution that can help you collaborate on a post-click landing page?

Every year, the search engine processes around 2 trillion searches like these. Every day, this translates to more than 5 billion searches.

Among them are those looking for solutions to problems that your organization can solve. They’ve probably Googled a solution to a problem if they’ve ever utilized the internet.

They’re more inclined to choose you over your competition if you can assist them to locate the answer, even if it’s through an advertisement.

Increase Brand Awareness

Google AdWords is a terrific approach to spread the word about your organization in addition to increasing traffic, clicks, and purchases. To demonstrate this, Google collaborated with Ipsos on a study spanning 12 industries, from automobiles to retail.

It was discovered that on average, search advertising enhances top-of-mind awareness by 6.6 percent.

In SEO, the number of brand name searches and permutations has an impact on your ranking. Another reason to use search and display ads to market your company is to increase brand recognition.

Abilities That Allow For a Range of Targeting

With your post-click landing page, collect their information and begin giving them informative content that establishes your authority If they don’t convert, retargeting software can be used to entice them back until they do.

Bidding on long-tail keyword search keywords like “accounting software for freelance marketers” is another effective approach for expanding your consumer base. These are usually less expensive, and they’re well worth it if you want to attract customers who are specifically looking for what you have to offer. 

People that search for long, specialized sequences of keywords are more likely to be serious about what they’re looking for. And the folks you reach with Ads are so valuable because of their intent.

Adwords Works Faster Than SEO

The main benefit of Google AdWords over SEO is that it is more efficient. SEO and Google AdWords are two search engine marketing techniques that are used to generate traffic and leads.

A well-optimized AdWords campaign, on the other hand, can significantly speed up the time it takes for a company to reach the coveted first page of search results.

Some of the reasons why it’s more efficient and effective are listed below.

At any point during the campaign, you can turn it on or off. Ads that display at the top of the page are seen right away.

Of course, this does not negate the importance of organic sources, which provide greater long-term advantages. AdWords, on the other hand, has a better chance of bringing in more traffic and leads right away. Furthermore, the platform is more transparent, and you can see exactly what is going on with the advertisements.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, while extremely advantageous, is a long-term procedure. It takes a lot of perseverance, as well as a lot of well-written articles and backlinks, to rank for any term. Even then, they have to wait a long time to get the required authority.

Simply defined, advertisements provide fast awareness at a low cost, whereas SEO provides long-term success, depending on the effort you put into content quality.

You should employ both at the same time, but be realistic about the time frame for success and the effort/money required for each.

Why use Google Ads?

The network works with companies of all sizes, with different budgets and advertising goals. Various target groups, the majority of whom have used Google to solve an issue at least once in their lives. So, in a sea of 2+ trillion searches every year, why wouldn’t you throw a bucket in to see how much money you could generate?

Instapage has also recently implemented a brand-new Advertising Attribution Solution, which allows you to track the cost per visitor and cost per lead for each variant within Instapage


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