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Best Method to Perform Victony Extender Firmware Update!

Every electronic gadget has firmware software that keeps the device in good condition. Just like that, the Victony extender also has firmware. But, do you know Victory releases the firmware version frequently so that your devices work properly without any issues? If you are not aware of the firmware then you don’t need to worry. You have come to the right place. Here, in this post, you will get a detailed guide related to Victony firmware so that you can update your device on time for better outcomes.

First, we would like to tell you why you should keep Victony WiFi extender firmware update on time.

Why Should You Keep Firmware Updated?

To your knowledge firmware plays a crucial role in every electronic gadget. With the assistance of firmware, the device gives the best outcomes and makes the device more productive. By updating the firmware version, you will get the new features in your device which you can use and enhance your internet experience. Moreover, your device remains competitive with the latest extender models in the market. Firmware also fixes small bugs and improves the security of the extender. In short, it makes your device secure.

Now, you know very well about the importance of firmware in the extenders. Let’s take a look at the important requirements that you need to prepare before performing the firmware update process.

Prerequisites: Victory Firmware Update

There are a few things that you need while updating the firmware. By preparing all the things before, you will save your time and get the firmware update fast. All the needs are mentioned below:

  • Good power supply

  • Constant and reliable power supply

  • Default web address

  • The strong connection between the router and extender.

  • Updated web browser

  • Computer or laptop

Thus, these are the requirements that you need to prepare before performing the firmware update process. Now, let’s learn the steps of updating firmware.

Steps: Victory Extender Firmware Update

Once you get access to all the important things related to the firmware update, you need to follow the further steps that are mentioned below:

Power on the Extender

In the beginning, you need to give the power supply to the Victony extender from the electricity source. You need to plug the extender in a good condition so that your extender gets fluctuation-free power from the wall outlet.

 Once you plug in the extender, you need to press the power button and you will see the lights on the extender that illustrates that your extender is booted up.

Connect the Extender and Router

You need to make a stable connection between the Victony extender and host router wirelessly or you can also use the Ethernet cable. Whatever mode you are using for the connection, you just need to make sure that both devices transmit the signals properly.

Open the Internet Browser

Now, you need to switch on the computer or laptop and launch the internet browser. Ensure that your web browser is running on its latest version. Because the old version browser may not support the default web address of the Victony extender.

Access Default Web Address

Insert the default web address of the extender into the address bar. You need to be careful while inserting the web address because sometimes users make a tying mistake and put wrong web address.

Access Victony Extender Login Page

Now, you will see the extender login page after accessing the web address. Here, you need to fill in the username and password in the on-screen fields that you used during the Victony WiFi extender setup.

Update the Firmware

To update the firmware you need to follow some sub-steps:

  • First, go to the Menu settings.

  • Locate the Advanced Settings.

  • Select Administration > Firmware Update > Check now

Your extender will now verify whether a new firmware version is available or not. If yes then consider walking through the on-screen commands. Within a few minutes, your extender’s firmware will get updated successfully.

Hence, these are the steps that you need to perform to complete the Victony WiFi extender firmware update.


Now, you know every single step to perform a firmware update of the Victony extender. Follow all the steps carefully. If you miss any point you might not be able to update your device.



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