Best Ways To Make Your Virtual Event Memorable

Best Ways To Make Your Virtual Event Memorable

The inception of virtual events pretty much transformed the way event professionals host events. Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, event marketers have adopted the virtual way of hosting events due to the set of advantages that come along with it.

Even though virtual events have exploded in popularity over the years, it requires proper planning and execution to be implemented and to be successful. Just like regular events, virtual events also need to be engaging enough and memorable to be imprinted in the minds of the audience for a long time.

However, it is not an easy task to keep the audience till the end of the event. Event marketers and professionals need to put in their best efforts and foot forward to reap maximum benefits from the event. This post will give you an insight into the most creative ways in which event marketers can make the most of it and host a virtual  event.

If you are as excited to know as we are to tell you about the practices, let’s delve into the strategies right away!

Must-Know Practices To Host A Super Memorable Event

Include a virtual photo booth

Just like regular virtual events have photo stands and a well-set-up selfie station, similarly, you can include a virtual photo booth during your event for the attendees to have fun and get a feel of a regular event.

There are various platforms that enable the users to create a virtual photo booth with their preferred elements to attract maximum attention from the attendees and to urge them to click pictures and post them.

Incorporate a social media wall

Virtual event audiences highly create content in different forms and post it on their social media handles in the form of videos, photos, videos, GIFs, etc. Collecting the content from their profiles and displaying it in an aggregated and customized format on digital signage can help event organizers to engage their audience more effectively.

People love being featured on big screens and displaying a social media wall can help you delight your audience. Moreover, this activity would urge other attendees to also post content on their social media handles. All you need to do is aggregate the content using a social media aggregation tool and you will be good to go. You can customize the social media wall as per your preference. A few tools also allow users to add their event logo on a social media wall for double the impact.

A Jam/Music Session During The Event

If you are hosting events in sessions, it would be a great idea to include fillers in between or during the break. A long stretched session can be quite boring and leave the audience feeling dull and they may be compelled to leave the event midway.

Rather than doing nothing between breaks, you can include a jam session or a music break in between to keep the audience lively and pumped up. Moreover, it is a great way to keep the audience engaged during the sessions.

For more excitement, you can include a countdown during the sessions for an added impact. The countdown can be up till the jam session break.

Fun Contests

You can also host fun contests during the virtual event to make the attendees more pumped up and to increase their interest. Keep fun contests like a kite-making contest or a mask-making competition.

These contests work well to tap into the interests of the audience and would lead to their active participation. However, make sure that you keep a prize that is enticing enough for the audience and pushes them to participate.

Send a thank you mail

Most importantly, it is mandatory that you always send and express your gratitude to the attendees after the event gets over. You can send a thank you note/email to your audience for making the audience successful and fun.

Additionally, you can also send feedback forms to the audience for sharing about their experiences. If your budget permits, you can send a thank you bag comprising a few goodies. Your audience will be touched by your gesture and they will look forward to your upcoming events and may want to attend them!

Key Takeaways

We have reached the end of this post and you now know about the best practices that you can keep in mind to make your event successful!

Virtual events are the need of the hour and are not going anywhere. Go on now, include these strategies into your event planning stage and host a virtual event like never before!


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