Best Winter Treks Near Bangalore

Best Winter Treks Near Bangalore


Whether you live in or around the city, this city offers adventure tours for adrenaline lovers. Ready to learn more about adventure travel? There are options at various locations within an achievable range of 50 to 130 kilometres. Visit Bengaluru, located on the outskirts of the city.


Travellers come here to this hilltop fortress near Makali village to see the ruins of Makalidurga fortress and great views of the lake. The fortress has a Shiva and Nandi temple where, according to legend, Rishi Markandeya performed penance. The signposts marked with directions lead you on this hike. Check out the train going over the hill below. It is also a very popular destination for night trekking in Bengaluru, which takes around 2 hours.

Nandi Hills

The invulnerable, unmatched audacity of the Nandidurga claimed great honour and saved the army. It is an ancient, primitive and timeless fortress built by the Ganges Dynasty government and strengthened and expanded by Tipu Sultan. The climate favours the gardeners on the peaks of the hills and is also very popular with young people because of the wonderful sunrises and sunsets at Bengaluru .


This is a perfect weekend getaway from Bengaluru  less than 200 km away, depicted in Sholay as the famous Ramgarh, is about 50 km walking distance near Bengaluru . Huge rocks and boulders shape the topography of Ramanagara. These hills, which once served Gabbar’s hideout, provide fantastic terrain for trekking and other adventure activities such as high-wire trekking, abseiling, jumaring, rock climbing, etc. The granite hills of Ramanagara provide fairly smooth terrain for trekking, quite steep in places that are easy to climb, making it difficult for new hikers. The incline is around 50 degrees and requires tricky footwork and good climbing skills. Handicaps, Ramanagara is frequented by amateur and experienced hikers all year round. Trekking in Ramanagara in the rainy season can be very harmful and that’s why it is not recommended for tourists. For the adventurous, the dizzying heights of the rocky hills of Ramanagara provide the perfect terrain for abseiling and high wire trekking.

Kumara Parvatha

This is a slightly more difficult hike characterised by the hillside and thick forests. Camping here is not prohibited, however it would be great to get permission for camping in advance from the Forestry Department or Mantapa. The Kumara parvatha trek also requires the prior consent of the forest. But don’t be put off as the hike offers unparalleled views and experiences such as the waterfall, Kukke Subramanya Temple and the lights of Somwarpet village.


The mighty Mullayanagiri, at 6,330 feet above sea level, is the highest peak in Karnataka and a must-see while hiking near Bengaluru . The Mullayanagiri Trek begins in Sarpadhari and covers a distance of 34 kilometres, which takes about three hours on average. The views of the overgrown, rugged rocks get wider and more dramatic as you climb higher, and the summit offers some spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding hills. local food If you are looking for a place full of peace and solitude then this trek won’t disappoint and this is one of the best trekking spots near Bengaluru .


Skandagiri is 3 kilometres from Chikballapur town and 4,430 feet above sea level. It is one of the oldest hills and a popular destination for night hiking, bird watching and camping. It takes about 2 hours. Winter is considered the preferred season for trekking in Skandagiri. Another way to get to Skandagiri is to bypass the road to Nandi Mountain. In addition to the destroyed fortress, lush green hills and spectacular sunrises make this hike worthwhile.

Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trek in Shimoga which is 278 km from Bengaluru  at an altitude of 1,343 metres high, Kodachadri Peak is popular with hikers and is also an important pilgrimage centre as it is home to the famous Mookambika Temple which makes it a must see attraction in Shimoga . Kodachadri offers a very interesting trekking path among lush green forests, the 14km trail goes through thick forests, past a series of waterfalls and takes you to a misty peak that offers breathtaking views. During the course of your trip you will come across the extremely beautiful Hidlumane Falls and the Arasinagundi Falls. You can also enjoy adventure activities such as jumaring, high ropes, etc through BanBanjara with your colleagues in Kodachadri. And this is one of the best places for hiking near Bengaluru.

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