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Buy Cement Online at Best Price with offers a wide range of cement from all the popular cement manufacturers in India. Customers are provided direct access to the company’s executives through the platform which provides cement prices to the buyer’s custom requirements through a reverse bidding system. 

The whole process is thin and hassle-free and it makes sure that the buyer receives the material directly from the cement manufacturer’s plant or the cement depot near their premises without the intervention of any trader or local cement exporter. The cement payments made by you directly go into the cement brand account.

The platform has a 24×7 customer care team that assists you in choosing the cement brand according to your needs, choosing the quality of cement based on your end-use. It allows you to negotiate directly from the brand and procure the best price; once the deal is done it will be delivered to your doorstep.

All the leading cement brands have registered with to facilitate their business in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. More than 20+ cement brands are available at the platform. Through their transparent payment transactions, is a one-stop solution for massive cement purchases at the lowest prices and is a chosen partner for 15,000 customers in North India who make around 100,000 daily purchases from the platform. 

Why you should buy cement from

  • The platform allows you directly contact cement manufacturers which remove all the middlemen involved in the process.
  • The company offers you the best cement prices as the platform offers cement directly from the cement producer.
  • The process of payment is extremely transparent which protects you from any kind of fraud.
  • The payment processed by you directly goes into the cement company’s account.
  • The company has dedicated customer care to answer all your queries.

Types of cement on Tradologie deals offers a lot of flexibility; a buyer can fill his requirements of cement to be procured. Other than choosing the large category of cement, the buyer can input other quality requirements such as grade, colour and intent of use, trade, non-trade, etc.

Non-trade cement exporters

To meet all the customized needs of your basic dreams and fulfill the promise that the platform simplifies trade. The company also deals with non-trade cement and now buying cement with Tradologie is easier than ever.

All the leading manufacturers and non-trade cement exporters are registered with the platform. They are ready to deliver the required quantity directly at a surprisingly low price. Three cement grades, namely OPC43, OPC53, and PPC cement offered by non-trade cement exporters registered on are most suitable for both large and condensed end-projects. 

Requirements to register as an exporter on only allows verified cement vendors and cement suppliers to become registered vendors on the platform who have established export certificates and production facilities and that too after verifying the vendor’s facilities.

The buyer will have the option to choose from cement exporters, cement producers, cement suppliers, cement stockists, cement wholesalers, and cement traders and aggregators while initiating his inquiry for negotiation.

The requirement to register as a buyer on

The buyer on the platform must be a registered entity with the identity of cement importer. Buyers could also beconstruction companies, builders, real estate dealers, bridge construction companies or be a registered Indian cement trader or cement wholesaler from across the country or the globe.

About cement industry

The cement industry is one of the essential parts of the economy of India, employing more than one million of the population of India directly or indirectly. The cement industry in India is the second largest industry in the world. The industry is currently undergoing a turning point in its efforts to achieve world standards in production, safety, and energy efficiency.

The cement industry in India remains a long-term play. After two years of low cement industry growth, India expects a CAGR of + 11.3% in demand over the next two years as infrastructure projects and initiatives announced by the government of India such as Freight corridors, Concrete roads, “Housing for All”, 100 Smart cities projects, etc.).

Cement market size

Cement production in India reached 329 million metric tonnes in the fiscal year 2020 and it is projected to reach 381 in the fiscal year 2022. However, the cement consumption stood at 327 million metric tonnes in the fiscal year 2020 and it will reach 379 metric tonnes in the year 2022.

Cement production capacity in India is projected to reach 550 MT by 2020. Due to the high quantity and quality of limestone reserves in India, the cement industry has promised great growth potential.

According to the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited (ICRA), in the fiscal year 2022, the cement production in India is expected to increase by 12% year to year, led by rural housing demand and the government’s strong aim on infrastructure development.

According to the data provided by the Crisil Ratings, the Indian cement industry is expected to grow to 80 million tonnes (MT) capacity by FY24, the highest in 10 years due to rising housing and infrastructure spending.

As per CLSA (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia), the cement sector is constantly improving in demand; the companies that are in demand are ACC, Dalmia, and Ultratech Cement.

In the second quarter of FY21, Indian cement companies recorded a sharp growth in revenue and rural recovery boosted industry demand. The demand outlook remained strong as rural markets normalized. For FY21, CLSA expects 14% annual growth in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) in the cement market for its coverage stock.

Export cement through

Once you have set up a firm or a company with all the necessary documents, you are ready to export cement to 500K+ verified buyers but before that you have to register as a seller on the platform. To register as a seller on the platform you need to obtain some important documents mentioned above once you have done with all the formalities you are good to go.

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