Considering VPS? Then You Need a Managed VPS Plan

Considering VPS? Then You Need a Managed VPS Plan

Once a business is set up and starts attracting more traffic, a strong hosting solution is needed to take care of its growing needs while keeping its budget in mind. Cheap VPS Hosting are the best choices for your budding business.  A virtual private server includes a physical server being divided into smaller parts, and every user assigned an individualized amount of it.

Therefore, every detail is like a private server with all of its resources focused only on your needs. You do not need to share it with any other user. In contrast, many users on the same physical server do not interact as it is thoroughly divided. Therefore, the activities of anybody else on the server do not affect the users.

You get to choose between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting solutions. A managed VPS hosting solution in India includes a team of highly experienced professionals considering all your web hosting-related tasks. With unmanaged hosting, on the other hand, you need to take care of all the management on your own, which might include a lot of technical work as well.

Several enterprises are opting for managed VPS hosting solutions so that they do not need to hire and train staff to take care of the same responsibilities. Their in-house team can therefore focus on their core responsibilities.

What is managed VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting refers to the hosting where a team put together by your web-hosting provider in India will take care of your server’s management. While you will retain root access to your VPS hosting along with complete control, with managed VPS hosting, you can benefit from the expertise of professionals who ensure maximum performance and speed.

Managed VPS hosting fell between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in terms of the amount of control you get to exert. This helps you keep your focus on the crucial elements of your business. So if you lack the technical skills to run your VPS server to fulfil your business requirements, or you end up increasing a lot of time and effort in the process that can be better aimed elsewhere, managed VPS hosting could be the perfect option for you.

What are the benefits of managed VPS hosting?

Several startups pick shared hosting as their web-hosting platform at a low cost and with fewer resources. However, managed windows and Linux VPS hosting can prove to be the better option in the end and end up much more compatible with your needs.

Let’s take a look at all of its benefits.

Completed control

Like a dedicated server, your VPS hosting provides an independent server even though several users are on the physical server. It helps the provider offer you a lot more control and choices in management as it is an individual separate server. So considering your requirements, managed VPS hosting can provide you with the perfect hosting setup to achieve your goals.

Advanced security

Managed VPS hosting will offer advanced protection that will be configured by your web hosting provider. Hence, you can focus on your core responsibilities without worrying about your website’s security and any problems that might crop up. Managed VPS hosting has several software to detect threats and take the correct measures to keep them at bay.

You also benefit from their tools that help fix any issue when it arises. There are regular malware scans along with security scans. This helps detect any aspect of your setup that is vulnerable and fix it.

Simple to operate

If you lack even a smidge of tech knowledge or any server management experience, then your perfect choice should be to opt for a managed VPS hosting solution to fulfill all of your needs. The best thing about it is that you are not responsible for taking care of any configuration regarding your server since it falls on your web hosting provider to manage your VPS server.

Ample boost in performance

Virtual private servers offer every individual server their independent resources, including bandwidth, storage, RAM, and CPU. It helps your website operate better. Within a managed VPS hosting server, your entire backend responsibilities are taken care of by your web hosting provider. Due to this, your website experiences a boost in its speed and performance.

Your web page loading time also increases. It also offers a better user experience while your visitors browse. It helps boost your web hosting ranking in various search engines as well.

24/7 customer support

All businesses have to encounter technical issues at some point in their operation. If you fail to deal with them to the best of your abilities, it can cause irritable damage to your entire enterprise. With managed VPS hosting, you can relax knowing you have 24/7 customer support from a team of experienced experts who you can rely on to solve any issue you might encounter at any point of the night or day. It helps you resume smooth functioning as soon as possible.


One of the main advantages of managed VPS hosting is its incredible scalability. It takes into consideration your operation and its needs to scale accordingly. So you can quickly scale your VPU, RAM, and several other resources without ever hampering your performance. This feature is not readily available in different types of hosting like shared hosting, where other users use the same resources as you.

Since there is no privacy from other websites regarding your resources in shared hosting, if other websites on your shared server are experiencing a problem, it could prove to be a problem for you as well. However, you get your server with VPS hosting and can scale quickly.


Messaged VPS hosting might be a slightly higher budget alternative than shared hosting. However, it would help if you kept in mind that managed hosting includes a complete control panel along with disk space, dedicated IP address, CPU, RAM, and many more resources that prove to be quite budget-friendly in the long run.

Moreover, if there is an issue with your server, the hosting provider will do their best to take care of it without asking you to invest any more of your money in problem resolution.


All the advantages mentioned above of managed VPS hosting make it the best choice for startups and businesses of all sizes. There are several managed VPS hosting plans in India that you can choose from according to your needs that provide the best performance and budget-friendly packages.

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