Consumer Perceptions of Custom Lip Gloss Boxes: A Qualitative Study

If you sell products that are in the cosmetic category, you will know that this industry is a very competitive one. You have to compete with established brands and even with the new ones. If you sell a product like lip gloss, you will see that many other brands do also. This is why it is important to make all parts of the product including custom lip gloss boxes or packaging be perfect. This can have an impact on the way that a shopper perceives your product. This may be due to the point that packaging is usually the first thing that someone will view of your merchandise.

The following explains consumer perceptions of lip gloss boxes:

Strong box means good-quality product

If you can create a strong box, you may be able to give the perception that your brand and its products are of a good-quality. On the other hand, a weak box that is breaking does not show your company in a positive way. It may give the impression that the company is a careless one.

Therefore when you choose cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft materials to make lip gloss packaging from, you can show people that you care about giving quality in all areas of your product. This can encourage sales to increase.

Sustainable packaging shows brand as responsible

Brands that choose sustainable packaging can give people the image that it is an environmentally-friendly brand that is conscious about the environment. This is a positive impression to give nowadays when there is much pollution and global warming and people know about this. People also know that packaging contributes to much waste therefore they will prefer brands that have green lip gloss packaging boxes.

You will be choosing those boxes that are recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable that will not lie around harming the environment.

Packaging attracting consumer base gives positive image

When you design the packaging to stand out directly to the people who are looking for lip gloss, you can show them that you are making packaging according to their needs. You may even suggest customers to give ideas on how you should package the product. You can do this on your social media pages.

If customers see that you take their recommendations seriously, they will be happy. Custom lip gloss boxes which attract your potential customer base can aid in increasing sales when you are making the box stand out to those people who want to probably end up buying the lip gloss.

For example if your lip gloss is a cool and funky one for teenagers, the box can look modern and trendy which will stand out to these people.

Brand logo helps increase brand awareness

Let customers know about your brand and the products it sells by including a company logo on lip gloss boxes and on all of your packaging. You can give your box a professional look like this also and even let people know more about your company.

On the box you may even add other details so that your customers know you want it to be easy for them to contact you. This can be your email address, phone number, physical address, etc.

Different colors can give different meanings

The colors you choose to add on lip gloss packaging can give a certain perception to your customers. You can see what colors mean by researching on color psychology then choosing the perfect color scheme. You must select colors carefully as they can make your box look more beautiful.

For example if you want to give the impression of expense and class as your cosmetic brand signifies this, you can include colors like black and purple on packaging.

You may choose to make the color of the box be the same shade as that of the lip gloss.

Window box provides customers with more confidence

People will want to view the lip gloss shade before buying it so that they can know it is the one they are looking for. By choosing window lip gloss packaging boxes, you can help shoppers do this with the aid of the transparent window on the box. They can see the container the lip gloss is in and if that is a transparent one, they will get to see the shade of the lip gloss as well.

Informative packaging can give impression of transparency

By including the details about the lip gloss on lip gloss boxes, you can show customers that you want them to know about the lip gloss. You will add the relevant details about it like its shade, what it contains, any warnings that it has, etc. The details can help people make a decision about whether to buy the lip gloss.

When you design custom lip gloss boxes perfectly, they are able to give shoppers positive perceptions about the brand and product.

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