Did You Know These Facts About Zodiac Signs?

Did You Know These Facts About Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac sign, also commonly referred to as sun sign or star sign, has a lot to state about a person, including how the person behaves, who they should get romantically involved with, and how to go about in their day. As a part of astrology, zodiac signs can also be extremely interesting and enlightening at the same time. If we look at the history of astrology, zodiac signs have been used for quite a while. It is fascinating to see how astrologers can use celestial movements to decipher the mannerisms of human beings accurately.

Astrology is a huge field, and the study of zodiac signs is a small segment in the vast expanse of the field. To define the term astrology, one could call it a study of the celestial objects, their location, and position and equate those factors with the characteristics of human beings.

A prediction in a zodiac sign is achieved by studying the movement of planets and stars; a certain movement is equalized to a certain mannerism in a certain sign. The believers of zodiac signs know how an individual of a particular zodiac sign would behave in general and under the influence of certain circumstances. Apart from predicting the incidents one could face in a day-to-day aspect, zodiac signs, and astrology, by extension, also have a lot of interesting things to offer to an individual who is keen to learn.

If one is curious enough to study the workings of zodiac signs, several astrology websites help one gain a brief understanding of the subject matter. However, an online astrology consultation with a learned astrologer assists in guiding the individual well into understanding the knowledge and functioning of either their zodiac sign or the subject matter in general. An online astrology chat also helps in briefly understanding the upcoming happenings in an individual’s day. Some interesting facts that could help open up another spectrum – understanding the zodiac sign:

There are a total of twelve zodiac signs, each of them having their own characteristics. Their names are as follows –

o   Aries – March twenty-one to April nineteen

o   Taurus – April twenty to May twenty

o   Gemini – May twenty-one to June twenty-one

o   Cancer – June twenty-two to July twenty-two

o   Leo – July twenty-three to August twenty-two

o   Virgo – August twenty-three to September twenty-two

o   Libra – September twenty-three to September twenty-three

o   Scorpio – October twenty-four to November twenty-one

o   Sagittarius – November twenty-two to December twenty-one

o   Capricorn – December twenty-two to January nineteen

o   Aquarius – January twenty to February eighteen

o   Pisces – February nineteen to March twenty

The zodiac sign is established by the sun’s position on the person’s birthday.

Zodiac signs are held equivalent to birthdays, but the prediction of the personality is based on many more aspects than just the stars.

The sun, moon, and rising sign are the three important ingredients for the prediction.

  • The sun sign tells the goals and ego of a person.
  • The moon sign helps predict the emotional habits and changes of a person.
  • The rising sign tells the personality of the person.

The signs are assigned into four categories–

  • Air – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Characteristics associated with these  signs are intellectual and curious

  • Water – Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces

Characteristics associated with this sign are intuitive and emotional

  • Fire – Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo

Characteristics associated with this sign are passionate and exuberant

  • Earth – Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo

Characteristics associated with this sign are practical and grounded.

Hope this tidbit of an insight into the world of astrology specified towards zodiac signs was convincing enough for the reader to delve deeper into this fascinating world of zodiac signs. To learn more about the zodiac signs, how the characteristics of each sign are derived, what and how do the simple rotation, revolution, and the gravitational forces of the planets, the sun, and the stars, as we knew as an amateur, can get help from the learned ones who are educated in the field. It seems as though the more one learns about the workings of the zodiac signs and astrology, in extension, the more fascinated, interesting, and intriguing the subject matter gets.


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