Easy and Straightforward Document Scanning Apps for 2022

Easy and Straightforward Document Scanning Apps for 2022


The best document scanner apps are simple to use and allow you to archive documents in PDF format with an iPhone.

Modern technology means that paper documents are rarely needed. You can convert documents to PDFs to make it easier to move to an office that doesn’t require paper.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase OCR equipment or equipment for scanning documents. Instead, you can use mobile apps that are easily available.

This means you can scan anything, from invoices to receipts. Scanners can do much more than create an electronic copy of a document. They allow you to modify the file in any way you want before saving it. This ensures that you have the original document as well as the information you need.

Some applications provide additional features, but they are usually very limited in order to allow users to scan documents. These features could include editing documents and managing documents storage or cloud storage.

We will be reviewing the best scanners currently available for document scanning.

Document Scanning Apps for 2022



QuickScan App



Quick Scan, the best document scanner app, is believed to have incredible digitalization capabilities. It can transform your documents into JPG and PDF files.

QuickScan is an application that runs on any mobile device, Android or iOS. It uses your smartphone’s camera to capture a picture of the document and then converts it into a PDF file. You can adjust the size and rotation of the document, as well as the hue and cropping options.

Headline features include OCR conversion from PDF to text, intelligent page detection and correction, as well as perspectives and enhancements of photos. Users can create electronic copies of hundreds of documents within seconds by scanning patches.

Unlimited cloud storage, synchronisation, and access to the internet via Cloud. Subscriptions are required for premium features. However, basic scanning capabilities can be installed.




Adobe Scan




You will need to scan documents in order to save digital files. Adobe Scan, a unique scanning program, is owned by Adobe. They are also the creators and maintainers of the PDF format. This means that Adobe Scan will likely be used by the majority of users.

Adobe Scan’s primary benefit is its ability to connect with other Adobe applications. This includes Adobe Fill & Sign and Adobe Acrobat. You can scan documents in PDF format, edit them, and annotate, sign, and collaborate on scans.

Adobe Scan, a free program that you can download and install for free, also offers the option to subscribe to it in-app to get additional features.




Abby FineReader PDF




Abbyy’s FineReader is a more advanced program. This program uses optical technology to scan characters and identify them in 193 languages.

It can scan text from printed or handwritten documents on both Android and iOS. FineReader can work with 12 formats, including PDF, DOCX, and TXT. FineReader’s greatest advantage is its ability to preserve the formatting of the original document.

You can also use a variety of basic annotation tools to add signatures or annotations to texts. The iOS version also includes BookScan, which allows you to scan your book. After scanning the book, the program will convert it into separate images. It can also remove any imperfections. FineReader is available for both iOS and Android devices. It also offers in-app purchases for those who want to increase your storage or capacity.








It’s an application that converts your smartphone’s camera into scanning documents. It can scan all types of documents, from receipts to invoices. Software converts scans to PDF files that can be automatically transferred to cloud storage platforms like Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

This app is designed for business users. It allows you to invite your colleagues to view and comment on scans. To be able to do this, they will need to create an account. Advanced editing allows you to add annotations or watermarks to your documents to make them look more professional. Passwords are a great way to protect your documents.

You can download it for free on Android and iOS, but you can upgrade to get 10GB storage space, encrypted email documents and the ability to download documents in batch.

Premium Account users have the option to pay either monthly or annually. This option is also available for the corporate version. This gives you better options for collaboration between your teams.








iScanner was my favourite OCR app interface. Although it has many features that could be overwhelming, it is very organised. The app allows you to scan ID cards, sign documents, recognize text and more. It makes it easy to see the features by dividing actions into the following categories: Edit, Share, Share, Other. If you feel lost or curious, click on the circle icons at the top to view video tutorials for many of the features.

iScanner did a good job with my standard testing documents. Although the title was not at the top of the certificate (not uncommon), it was accurate in most cases. The book and the receipt were slightly better. Some letters and words were not included, but overall, the digitised text was clear and easy to read.

This app is unique because it can perform other actions with the information it finds. Example: iScanner solves maths problems. To test this feature, I hand wrote a simple equation “(6+2)/2=” and the app solved it in seconds. You can get similar results if you use more advanced algebra.

It can also count. You can see that I wrote nine dots on a piece of paper. The app was able to count all nine dots after analysing each dot and identifying its shape. This app is a lifesaver if you need to quickly confirm or count an amount.

A small feature I liked was the ability to blur text from a document. Unlike most OCR apps, iScanner blurs text to match the background colour of the document. This makes it look almost like you have removed the entire text. Overall, iScanner is a strong choice on this list.

Tiny scanner




Tiny Scanner, a trusted document scanner app for Android, delivers the majority of the standard features. You don’t need to log in to use the app so you can start using it immediately.

Scan documents, receipts and other files to save them as PDF. You can scan documents, receipts, or other files to the Android scanner app and print them in minutes.

It also has an auto edge detector that can detect distortion and straighten out images. It features five levels in contrast, quick search by title and passcode protection to protect important files.

Tiny Scanner can be accessed via in-app purchases and is ad-supported.It’s optimised for speed.





TurboScan, an Android scanner app that is powerful and well-designed, has a paid and a free version. You can scan multiple pages and share them in high-quality PDFs, or JPEGs. You can use the “SureScan” mode to get sharp scans. It also includes multi page editing capabilities such as page adding and reordering and deleting.

Open PDFs and JPEGs from other apps such as Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive. You can also print the documents you need using Cloud Print.TurboScan is free of ads and allows for in-app purchases.


How can I scan with my phone?

All these apps can scan text and let you edit it however you like. It’s quite amazing. These features are even more amazing on your phone.

You can highlight, copy and paste text on your iPhone, Android phone, or iPad by simply taking a photo or screenshot. This feature is extremely accurate and can capture even the most obscure text. It’s possible to make some adjustments with the formatting, such as adding line breaks when you copy paragraphs. But it’s extremely convenient.

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What is the benefit of a Document scanning app?

Businesses and consumers alike are taking advantage of document scanning apps to make their lives easier. Here are five benefits of using mobile scanning apps:

  1. Increased productivity – Mobile scanning apps allow you to quickly and easily scan documents on the go.
  2. Improved organisation – With a mobile scanning app, you can easily keep track of your scanned documents by organising them into folders. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it.
  3. Convenience: Mobile scanning apps offer a quick and easy way to scan documents and images. All you need to do is open the app and point the camera at the document or image you want to scan.
  4. Accuracy: Mobile scanning apps are very accurate, and they can produce high-quality scans. Instant, Precise and high resolution scans. The mobile scanning apps provide clean scans which are as good as any professional portable scanner.
  5. Versatility: Mobile scanning apps can be used to scan a wide variety of documents, whiteboard scribbles, notes, handwritten doodles, receipts, invoices, bills, taxes, photos, resumes, identity cards, business cards and so on.


There are many different types of mobile scanning apps available on the market, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. So choose the one scanning app that fits all your needs,

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