5 Reasons To Fund Your Children’s Education With A Loan Against Property

5 Reasons To Fund Your Children’s Education With A Loan Against Property

Payment for children’s education fees is no easy task. The amount to fulfil their children’s education and to give them the desired future doesn’t just end at the tuition fees. It includes hostel fees, books, mess fees, travel expenses, etc.

Just relying on your savings will not cater to your children’s education. After all, education is a one-time investment and can give your children a glorious return on investment.

Why burn your savings and sell off assets when you can easily get a loan against property for your children’s education? You may suggest going for an education loan instead of a secured loan. Still, such a loan comes with higher interest rates than secured loans, and the amount sanctioned in an education loan without security can be less than a secured loan.

These are enough to prove how cost-effective the secured loans are.

This article will explain what a loan against property is and will give you five reasons to
fund your children’s education with a loan against property.

What is a Loan Against Property?

Just like personal loans, we can use a loan against property for any purpose. Loans against properties have lower interest rates than personal loans since property backs the loan amount as collateral.

Loans against property (LAP) are readily available at the affordable principal and interest rates while providing the same purpose as personal loans.

LAPs are used for various things, including international travel, educational fees, wedding costs, and business expansion. You can also apply for quick loans against property to cover any pressing financial needs.

Loans against property are helpful for personal and business needs because of their adaptability and applicability. They are simple to get and provide various advantages to the borrower.

Why Consider Loan Against Property For Your Children’s Education?

Loans against property are the most popular lending option because they allow you to make high-value investments at reduced interest rates. Based on property valuation and suitability, loan providers grant a sizable sanction, which you would repay over a flexible period.

An increasing number of people are availing loans against their properties for children’s education, especially for higher education, because of their versatility and several advantages.

These characteristics make these loans incredibly flexible and practical. Other elements supporting its favour are:


We may access LAPs on any form of property, including residential and commercial buildings or lands. Buyers can use a property while still making EMI payments towards the loan. Because of this, these loans are incredibly flexible and accessible. Loans against property are extremely viable for borrowers. After all, they have low-interest rates because of the security, which lowers the monthly payment.

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Quick Sanction

People can instantly get a loan against their property by giving the lending institution the right collateral. LAPs only need security to be approved, and the minimal documentation makes the process quick and easy.

Increased Loan Amount

The major advantage is that, based on the market value of the house, you can receive up to 65% of the property cost as a loan, which is usually higher than personal or unsecured education loans.

Extended Loan Tenure

Loans secured by properties typically have the longest terms, up to 15 years, lessening the borrower’s financial load. Unlike personal and unsecured education loans, you can repay LAP loans over a longer period. So, you can borrow a substantial sum with a manageable EMI that you can
manage easily.

Simple Approval Procedure

A loan against property or a secured loan sanction is quicker than an unsecured loan. For loans against property, financial institutions offer hassle-free personalized doorstep services.

The End Note

Loan providers are very keen on providing secured loans, and the above parameters qualify the reasons. Secured loans are a win-win situation for both parties, the borrower and the lending institution. When loan providers know their money is protected, they will lend secured loans more often, and the borrower can benefit from lower interest rates.


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