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We recommend that you use elizavecca piggy shea butter.

During the cold winter months, your tiny piggies resemble miniature piggy hooves. As the temperature drops and you’re always wearing heavy boots and thick socks, your feet actually get dry, calloused, and worn.

“During the winter months, many of us tend to forget our feet,” said Jessica Austin, manager of Primp & Polish, a small chain of New York-based salons. “But it is absolutely a fantastic notion to take care even if we are not displaying them in the world.

Maintaining care for Austin might involve routinely clipping and filing your toenails, conducting foot soaks, exfoliating with sugar washes, and using pumice stones or foot files to protect your soles from developing cracks or heavy calluses.

Although a salon pedicure is an option, beauty YouTuber and home manicurist Amanda Bella say there are several quick and economical methods to refill your feet without leaving the house.

Austin and Bella highlighted their favorite elizavecca piggy shea butter products and tips for taking care of winter feet and doing professional-level pedicures at home to keep your kicks smooth and supple.

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