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Email Marketing Myths You Should Not Believe In 2023

For many years, Email has been a tool for direct communication with our target audience. It is now one of the most successful channels in digital marketing with high conversion rates.

You can measure and view statistics in real time with the mailing. This will allow you to optimize your shipments. You can also segment and personalize messages so that information is delivered by subscribers’ interests and behavior.

Email marketing myths that you should not fall for:

It is outdated

This is one of the biggest myths we need to uncover. Due to its high conversion rate, mailing continues to bring high satisfaction to businesses who use it. It will help you achieve your goals if you employ the right strategies and techniques.


It’s spam

This myth has been around for a while. It is because many people have used bad practices to avoid mailing. You won’t get the best results if you send emails to contacts who haven’t given their permission.

Some recommendations are important to consider and you should use techniques such as:

  • Use advanced mail applications
  • Use your domain email address
  • Send an email to a quality contact list
  • Use clear words
  • Segment and personalize your campaigns
  • Avoid using URL shorteners

You must also send quality content. This will ensure that recipients are interested in your messages and will view you as a service strategy rather than a sales strategy.


It is terrible that there are so many casualties

We will have many casualties in our statistics. This is normal and not bad as long as it is reasonable. Alarms should sound if there are too many casualties.

It is better to have the Unsubscribe option on all mailings than to send us to spam. Why would you continue to send information to someone who is not interested?


A special day of the week has the best opening

Therefore, while there may not be a single day that is more successful in all markets, there are specific times and days for each niche and each company. So, when is the best time to send a marketing email?

An analysis of the behavior of your subscribers within the sent campaigns will give you a statistical tool that will allow you to identify the time with the greatest probability of opening for each person.


To increase your open rate, send a lot of emails

It is important to produce quality content and decide the frequency of shipments to increase opening rates. If we don’t implement these concepts, it will not be relevant whether emails are sent every day or every two weeks.

No one frequency is ideal. However, it is important to establish one and keep it in mind.


Sending repeated messages is not a good idea.

Sometimes, it is necessary to send another message. This is especially true for emails with very sensitive or important information. It is important to note that the time between each message and its delivery must not be too long for it not to saturate.

It does not necessarily indicate that they are not interested in your email. They may not have read it at all. However, if it is important it is worth repeating.


Nobody reads emails

What is the average open rate for email marketing? A subscriber is someone who has indicated that they are interested to receive your information and want to interact with you.

You have the power to create a content strategy that is based on their preferences so that this interest does not fade with each contact.

We should not be talking about myths, but about bad practices. Mailing is as powerful and effective as you want it, it all depends on how you use it.



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