Everything You Need to Be Aware of Skandagiri Trek

Everything You Need to Be Aware of Skandagiri Trek


A brief escape from our monotonous and hectic life is what everyone wants during weekends.
The urban lifestyle has worn out a large portion of us, and with each coming weekend, we are
looking for a relaxing and relaxing weekend free of the tension.

An excellent method to enjoy an unwinding and rejuvenating weekend is no better than on a
gorgeous hill trek’s tranquil and green lap. There are, however, numerous such spots within and
within Bengaluru and one of them is the stunning and historical hill range is Skandagiri that is
increasing in popularity every day as a well-known and enjoyable weekend hike near Bangalore.
This is all you must learn regarding this trek. Skandagiri Trek!

Distance from Bangalore

Skandagiri is a well-known and stunning hill range that is located close to Bangalore in a
distance of approximately 60 km from Bangalore and about 3km from Chikballapur. Skandagiri
is a very accessible and enjoyable, exciting and stunning excursion due to its stunning scenery
and gorgeous temples that also highlight its importance in the area of culture, history and
religion. With an elevation of approximately 4430 feet, Skandagiri is a normal high hill, but it is
also accessible and relatively easy to climb.

Famous Panchagiris

According to the legend, Skandagiri is among the most famous Panchagiris and the other four
are Chandragiri, Hemagiri, Nandi Giri and Brahmagiri. The Skandagiri is located in a tiny village
known as The Kalavara Halli which is why the Skandagiri hills are often referred to as Kalavara
Durga. Skandagiri can also be called Kalwarbetta.

The trek to Skandagiri begins its journey from an area called the Papagni Mutt (Mutt has the
appearance of akin to an institution in Hinduism) that is one of the oldest mutts in Karnataka and
continues to the remains of the old forts from the 18th century on the summit of the hill.

Skandagiri is a spectacular view from its top. one can even view the stunning hills surrounding it
from the highest point.

The length of the trek

Skandagiri is also well-known and loved by a number of tourists and trekkers due to its
short-distance trek. The trek to Skandagiri is a minimum of 4-5 hours, including the time spent
for ascent and going down the hill. There are numerous paid trek guides who lead people on the
hike and show them the breathtaking views from the hill. They also answer the questions that
tourists and trekkers have concerning the cultural and historical significance of Skandagiri and
guide tourists down the historical memory lane , with the aid of the fort’s remains at the top of
the hill.

Things to experience during the hike

There are plenty of activities to enjoy when you go on this Skandagiri trek. It is a beautiful trek.
Skandagiri trek is made up of beautiful rock formations as well as structures, which can be seen
through the Nandi giri. The stunning rock structures of Skandagiri are also lauded by famous
individuals from the beginning of time.

The path in the Skandagiri trek is mostly composed of rocks and mud as well as boulders. The
extensive plant cover comprises mostly bushes, bushes and smaller trees, even some medium
and large trees fill the trail with nature, making it more thrilling and thrilling.

Shiva temple

Another interesting and fascinating attraction one is Shiva Temple situated on the highest point
on the mountain. The Shiva temple is extremely popular due to the fact that it dates from the
18th century, while its surroundings are in disrepair. A lot of devotees ascend the hill to make a
pilgrimage and pray in the sacred temple. In addition the panorama from the summit of
Skandagiri hill is stunning. The gorgeous sky, the nearby vegetation and greenery, as well as
Chikballapur, a beautiful town Chikballapur are a treat for visitors from cities, where they are
rare views to take in.

Skandagiri night trek

Skandagiri is also known due to its evening treks. Night treks usually begin at midnight, and
after midnight. The summit is reached around 6 am in the morning. It also allows trekkers to
experience nighttime adventure along the Skandagiri hill, and to experience the experience of
camping in the boulders and rocks. You can take in the stunning and breathtaking sunrise from
the summit on the Skandagiri hillock. You can also witness the view of the bright yellow-orange
sun lighting up the sky of Karnataka in its shades.


This concludes the story and all one should learn about Skandagiri. This is the Skandagiri is a
stunning and captivating trek for those seeking a short, intimate and intimate experience with
nature, a little away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to be immersed in the rich culture,
history and peace, and to appreciate the stunning beauty of Karnataka. There are many factors
that make the Skandagiri trek an extremely popular and well-known weekend hike near


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