Explain Googlebot

Explain Googlebot

Do you have any idea about Googlebot? If not, and want to explore all details? Then this guide can give you a better idea about this concept. In general, Googlebot is an effective web crawler that Google can use to collect the entire essential information required.

Using that, Google can effectively build a searchable index of the web. Googlebot has desktop and mobile crawlers and specialized crawlers for images, videos, and news.

Usually, Google will use more crawlers for a wide range of tasks, and they can identify with other strings of text known as user agents. Googlebot is always evergreen, and it is looking a website as users would be in the latest chrome browser.

Googlebot has the possibility to run more number of machines. They determine what and how fast to crawl on websites. But they will reduce the speed of crawling. Hence it could not overpower websites.

How does Googlebot index and crawl the web?

Generally, Google starts with the list of URLs that it collects from major sources like RSS feeds, sitemaps, pages, and URLs submitted in the Indexing API or Google Search Console. It fetches the pages and prioritizes what it wants to crawl and store page copies.

These kinds of pages can be processed to explore more links. It includes links to various things such as JavaScript, API requests, and CSS that Google wants to render the page. These kinds of additional requests can be cached and crawled without any issues. Google usually uses the rendering service that can cache resources to view all the pages, similar to how the users can.

It will process this once again and then check out for any changes to the new links or page. Here the content of the rendered pages can be searchable and stored in Google’s index. If any new links are found, you can go back to the list of URLs to crawl very effectively.

Procedure to control Googlebot:

Google can offer you effective ways to control what gets indexed and crawled.

– Ways to control crawling:

  • txt – Robots.txt on the website can let you control crawling effectively
  • Nofollow – The Meta robots tag or link attribute suggests a link that could never be followed. It could not be ignored since it is considered a hint.
  • Change the crawl rate – This tool around Google Search Console can let you reduce the speed of Google’s crawling completely

– Ways to control indexing:

  • Delete the content – When you delete any page, there is nothing to index. Here no one can access it either, and it is the downside.
  • Access restriction to the content – Google will never log in to any websites. Therefore any password authentication or protection can prevent it from exploring the content.
  • Noindex – This tag in the Meta robots tag will make search engines not index any web page.
  • URL removal tool – Google will still look for and crawl the content. But the pages will never appear on the search engine result page.
  • txt (Images only) – Blocking the Googlebot image from crawling means that the image will never be indexed.

Is it Googlebot?

Generally, some malicious bots and SEO tools can pretend to be the Googlebot. It may let them access all websites that are trying to block them.

During the early days, you must run the DNS lookup for Googlebot verification. But currently, Google has made it even simpler. Google has offered a list of public IPs useful to verify requests. Users can compare it to the data in the server logs.

Here you have access to the “Crawl stats” report in the Google Search Console. When you go to Settings > Crawl Stats, that report contains more information about how Google can crawl the website. Then you can find which Google is crawling and when and what files can access them.

The web is a messy and big place. Here Googlebot can navigate all different setups to collect the data Google requires for its web crawler to work, along with restrictions and downtimes.

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