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Facebook introduced a dark mode feature in both android and IOS devices to save power consumption and to help in reducing eye strain while watching Facebook for a long time. The users were using it seamlessly without any hindrance in past years. But now some android users have reported dark mode not working on Facebook.  

 If you are among those who have encountered the same, then you are at the right place. We are going to talk to you about it in the given post.

Why is Dark Mode Not Working on Facebook

It is speculated that the dark mode option on the newer version of Facebook has been removed after updating it recently. Nothing can be said about the exact cause of dark mode not working on Facebook

The app you have installed has some bugs that may be the cause of the dark mode disappearance issue on your iPhone.

The Dark mode settings on your phone may be disabled and you are unable to find the Dark mode feature on your phone.

However, Facebook has not officially disclosed any information regarding the sudden removal of Dark mode from its android app. It means that there are still chances of workarounds that can be done to get the Facebook Dark mode option back on your phone.

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Methods to Get Dark Mode Back on your Phone

  • Turn on the Override Force Dark on your phone

A hidden dark mode feature is available in every android phone, and you need to turn it on on your phone that will be the best bet to get the dark mode option back in your phone.

  • kCheck Automatic Settings of Dark Mode on your Phone

Make sure, the Automatic Dark Mode settings on your phone are turned on but are still not working, Then you need to disable it first and make the dark mode manually by dragging the cursor on it as you need to do.

  • Quit and Relaunch the Facebook app

If you are unable to view dark mode on your Facebook app, then force quit the app on your phone and relaunch it again. Now try to enable dark mode on your Facebook app. You might be able to do this now.

  • Update Facebook App 

The dark mode not working on Facebook may be due to any glitches or bugs in the current version of the app. In such instances, you need to update the Facebook app to its latest version.  If you are connected with a wi-fi connection, then it may get updated automatically.

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  • Use Facebook Lite

After trying all the aforementioned methods, you should opt for a lighter version of Facebook lite. It is the lighter version of Facebook that has shortened some of its features but never lets you miss out on the important requirements. Above all, you may overcome Facebook keeps turning off dark mode in this version. Do let’s put this to fix the issue.

So, guys try all the aforementioned methods to get back to dark mode on your Facebook. Hope you will be succeeded.

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