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Amazon Firestick not working: 2023 troubleshooting

If your Amazon fire stick is not operating or functioning properly then let us tell you that you have landed at the perfect place to know ‘why is my Amazon fire stick not working’ and how you can fix this problem which you are dealing with. 

There are various reasons because of which problems with Amazon fire stick on your device but instead of wondering about the ways we are simply going to tell you about the ways which can help you fix the trouble. 

Ways you can use to fix Fire stick not working for you – 

The first way which you must try is to check if your TV is even turned on or not because some TV models will get turned on, once connected to HDMI device while some TVs won’t. 

The next way which you must try is to restart the fire stick which you are using for which you have to tap on select and then on play on the remote for around 10 seconds to quickly restart your fire stick. 

You can check the batteries of remote of fire stick change the batteries to new one to see if it is the right fix for your problem or not. 

Firestick not working can also be fixed by testing the internet connection which you have been accessing and if it not working properly then you must shift to a new connection. 

You should also update your fire stick and the applications on the same, for this you need to move to settings tab and then to my fire Tv where you have to tap on about button and then on check for updates. 

If you find any updates then you must install them immediately on your device to ensure proper functioning of the same. 

Another simple way which you could try is to clear the cache files of Fire stick which can clear up the minor error as well as glitches which are causing firestick wont load issue for you. 

If you wish to learn more about such ways which can help you in fixing fire stick then you might want to access and explore website Techzeel which will provide you with all the basic and best information regarding fire stick and the issues which are related to it. 

And since, this website is pretty easy to use you won’t find it difficult in accessing it and your details which you are seeking for. 


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