Five Misconceptions Every Mobile App Developer Should Avoid

Five Misconceptions Every Mobile App Developer Should Avoid

Mobile apps change our lives in many different ways. Today, there are apps for almost everything. From buying groceries to buying furniture, you name a product you want to get delivered and there will be an app waiting to be installed on your app store.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 5 misconceptions regarding mobile app and ecommerce development you should be aware of.

Once you develop an app, you’re done.

This is a very common misconception that once you release your app in the public domain, you can relax and let the app do its work. An app requires constant up gradation which means that the code needs to be updated frequently.

xOnce an app is released in the market, the users would give the real feedback of how the app is and would report bugs if any.

A developer constantly needs to check for the bug fixes otherwise it may hamper the user experience.

Nowadays there are hundreds of apps which are developed for the exact same thing, which means the competition is really fierce in this domain and hence one needs to be constantly updated with the competitor apps and it’s features.

Lastly, smart phones are upgrading at a very rapid pace and hence the app may not be supported by the device if the version is not updated.

Building an app is the only tough part.

Once an app is developed, marketing it to its potential customers is the toughest part.

Firstly, you need to know your audience. One needs to research a lot about the type of audience which will be attracted to the app.


Secondly, the hardest part of the whole process is to promote and advertise it in such a way that it reaches the right audience in a short period of time.


An app should be released only when it supports all the features, the competitor apps have.

Developing an app is never a one-time game. You need to constantly upgrade your app in order to maintain your position in the market. However, releasing your app only when it is fully loaded is not a good idea.

Most of the successful apps, didn’t have majority of the features they have today. Instead, multiple features are rolled out it multiple versions slowly and steadily. No atter how many features you load your app with, they will be never enough for the customers. Hence you should publish your app once it is in working condition and does it’s basic job correctly.

Android apps are cheaper to develop than iOS apps – This misconception arises due to the fact that Android is an Open Source. Being Open Source never really means that it is a lot cheaper as well as easier to develop apps. Instead, making apps which support different UI/UX all at the same time, is even more challenging than to make an app for iOS which has the same UI throughout the devices that too without any custom skins adding to the complexity which we get to see in Android devices.

Also, the cost of an app depends on the features and functionalities and not the platform for which it is being developed.

More downloads, means more money.

The number of downloads of your app, will not decide how much your earnings will be. This is a bit heart-breaking,


it’s true. No matter your app hits a million downloads or 10M downloads, it will not fetch you money if it’s free.

To earn revenue from your app, you can use the following options:

Make your app a paid one. This means that users will have to pay in order to download your app.

Include in app purchases in your app. This comes in handy mostly for the mobile games like PUBG, where people are given certain benefits over the others if they pay money to buy things. This can be game coins, or special edition clothes, or special weapons.

You can include ads in your app. While this may hamper the experience of the user using the app, it can be the best source of income if your app has huge number of downloads. You can give out free services to the users and in return they will have to watch short ads which in turn would fetch you money depending on the click through rate.


As a mobile app developer, it is very important for you to know every inch of your domain. Before you start working on the code, thoroughly research about the target audience and have a rough idea of the theme as well as the layout of the app in your mind. Lastly, it is always wise to reach out to a professional for any advice in the field you’re about to step into.

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