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Fix: Victony WiFi Extender IP Address Not Working

Nowadays, users of Victony experience issues with their extender IP address due for some reasons. If you are also floating in the same boat, then you don’t need to worry more from now onwards. In this post, you are going to learn several types of troubleshooting tips that assist you to get rid of the issue you are facing in a matter of minutes. So, we recommend you don’t skip the reading points. As if you are missing the points from the post, then you might not be able to solve the issue hassle-free.

Well, before we jump into the troubleshooting steps. I think you need to know the reasons that prevent you from accessing the default IP address of your Victony extender. Once you familiarize yourself with the reasons you will easily get access to the Victony extender login page.

Reasons: Can’t Access Victony Extender

All the reasons are mentioned below. You just need to walk through them so that you can remove the issue from its roots.

  • There is a possibility that you use the wrong IP address.

  • The web browser used to access the IP address is outdated.

  • WiFi interference may be the cause of this issue.

  • Technical Glitches create the issues.

  • Maybe you put the web address into the search bar.

Thus, these are the reasons that drag you to experience the issue related to an IP address. Whatever, the reasons are you don’t need to worry. After all, we have suitable and effective solutions for you that assist you to resolve the issue.

Fix: Victory Extender IP Issue

In this section, you are going to learn different types of troubleshooting tips. All the solutions are elaborated correctly. You just need to walk through them and implement them according to your situation.

Check the Extender IP address

You need to ensure the IP address of the extender that you are using is right or not. It is seen many times that users make a typing mistake and put the wrong IP address into the address bar as a result you are not able to access the IP. Thus, we suggest you verify that you are using the correct IP address that you used at the time of the Victony WiFi extender Setup.

Just in case you forget the default IP and have doubts in mind, then take the help of the Victony user manual. In the user manual, you will get all the default details of your extender.

Note: The default IP address of the Victony extender does not work if you have assigned a custom IP to your extender.

Update the Internet Browser

Are you sure that the web browser you are using to access the IP address is running in its latest version? If not then you need to check the version of the browser. If you found an outdated version then you need to update the browser as soon as you can. An outdated browser can also prevent you from accessing the IP address.

Moreover, you also need to clear the extra files like cache and cookies from the browser so that your internet browser gives better outcomes.

Cut off the Extender and Router Distance

There is a possibility that you place your extender and router at a long distance from each other. Due to long-distance devices not being able to communicate properly and creating the issue of network disconnection. Thus, we recommend you reduce the distance between the extender and router so that they properly transmit the signals.

Reboot the Victony Extender

If you are still stuck in the same issue, then you need to perform the reboot process. There is a chance that your device is surrounded by technical glitches. If you want to remove the temporary hiccups then you need to reboot your device. You can follow the outlined steps to restart the extender:

  • Cut off the power of the extender.

  • Wait for a while.

  • Plug your extender back into the power source.

This is how you can reboot your extender. Moreover, you can also use these points to restart Victony WiFi extender WA1200


Now, you know the different types of hacks that you can use to access the default IP address of your extender. You just need to follow them as mentioned to get rid of the issue.

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