Goa Beyond Beaches, Bars and Drinks

 Stay in one of these gorgeous villas in Candolim, Baga, North Goa, which have been created with utmost peace and tranquillity in mind to avoid. The crowds on your upcoming trip. Goa genuinely offers the best of both worlds, with charming resorts for those who like a livelier ambiance and modest, boutique homestays, flats. And villas nestled away from the main tourist routes.

Yet, a sizable portion of the state is also covered in forest. When most people think of Goa. They picture long, sandy beaches. The stunning Western Ghats of India. A large mountain range and hotspot for biodiversity, make up around 20% of the territory of Goa.

Every year, Goa, which is renowned as India’s party capital, attracts thousands of sun-seeking travellers. The state has accommodated demand with approximately 7,000 establishments to select from and a wide variety of inexpensive alcoholic beverages. Although there are plenty of beach parties in South Goa, North Goa is often livelier. Eko hotel Goa offers a range of lodging choices to accommodate all types of travellers.

There is something for everyone, from a rich cultural legacy to diverse animals, lively marketplaces to magnificent natural settings. You’ll like these private villas in Goa that are tucked away in the centre. Of nature if like many of us, you desire some peace and quiet on your upcoming trip. Locate inexpensive villas in North Goa, Candolim, Baga, and Arambol.

Villas in North Goa

Solace Villa

This 3BHK Villa in North Goa lives up to its name and offers you comfort and peace with its private pool and terraces that let you smell the sea air of Goa. The interiors’ blue and green colours are perfect for conjuring up memories of the seashore and greenery.

Sublime  Villa

Sublime Villa is a 4BHK villa in Anjuna  with vivid and whimsical furnishings that will make you grin as soon as you step in. It is situated in the quaint neighbourhoods of Assagao and Anjuna in Goa. You could be tempted to stay in this cosy and lovely cottage for the duration of your holiday. If you wish to step outside, Anjuna is close by, or you may use the private pool to make this retreat your own for days.

Casa  Vaga

Casa Vaga is a 4BHK villa that is perfect for getting together with family and getting away from the stress of the city. This uncomplicated villa is perfect for feeling at home in a cosy corner of Vagator in Goa because it has a private plunge pool and lots of open space.

Salt Water Villa

You and your dogs will enjoy the gorgeous four-bedroom villa’s terrace and outdoor pool. With décor that are a blend of brilliant warm and cool hues, plenty of stunning vistas, and a cosy feel, this property is perfect for you and your loved ones to enjoy Goa amidst nature at your leisure.

Casa Porto

At this gorgeous mansion in Goa, all facets of the natural environment, people, and art mix and converge. The Villa offers you and your loved ones a place to unwind with blossoming palm trees, a pirate pool, and lots of garden space.

Villa Ocean Crest

Ocean Crest Villa transports you to a strange universe where varied shapes mix in harmony and balance to create a picture of perfect beauty. This three-bedroom villa in Anjuna, Goa, has a private pool and backyard, making it your own own haven for relaxation.

You are welcome to visit either on your own or with family and friends.

Casa Palacio

A lovely 4 BHK villa with influences from Goa’s long Portuguese past, Casa Palacio. While the exteriors are contemporary, the inside has a classic appeal. A double-height dining area with abundant natural light is the stuff of sunshine fantasies. You will undoubtedly encounter the most stunning vistas at Casa Palacio at every turn. There are lovely grounds for children to play on and a living room with a door leading to your own private pool. You can unwind in your bathtub when you do decide to retire to your room. See other inexpensive villas in Candolim that fit your spending plan.

Aqua Beach Villa

 Welcome to our opulent guesthouse, which is close to the beach. Aqua Beach Villa is a 4 BHK villa perfect for a party travelling to Goa in search of peace and tranquilly as well as fun and adventure. One of the less expensive villas in Candolim is this one. Although yet offering all the conveniences of home, the furnishings are unique and colourful. On your balcony or while enjoying your favourite beverage by your spectacular private pool directly on the beach, you can observe the most stunning sunsets.

In the kitchen, prepare some delectable dishes, or just order some food and have a picnic on the grounds. Goa’s Aqua Beach is a fantastic spot to unwind or party.

Villa Banyan Tree

Whether you choose to relax indoors, by the pool, or on the exquisitely planted grounds, this villa in Candolim has been created to be the haven of escape you’ve been searching for. Eko hotel The Banyan Tree in Candolim is a lavish three-bedroom villa with all the comforts of home and the elegance of a hotel, surrounded by peace, quiet, and seclusion. You can wander about with ease thanks to the rooms’ vast interiors and exteriors. What could be more perfect than stunning views of the lush vegetation around this getaway when you’re with loved ones?

Casa Valerio 

Goa is the ideal destination if you want to disconnect from the outside world. The perfect amalgamation of gorgeous architecture, mouth watering eateries, and the state’s top beaches. With its private pool and grass, Candolim’s Casa Valerio is a luxurious 3BHK Villa close to Candolim Beach and a perfect spot to relax and unwind. Beautiful private villas like this one in Candolim make lovely vacation homes. You will experience the utmost in comfort and elegance throughout your stay thanks to the Portuguese interiors and large communal areas.


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