Hire the Best Graduate Candidates with LinkedIn in 4 Easy Steps

Hire the Best Graduate Candidates with LinkedIn in 4 Easy Steps

The right talent is what separates a successful company from a mediocre one. Not only do dedicated employees go above and beyond to push their company to the top, but they also help it excel to newer heights than ever before.
Finding the right candidate, however, is not a walk in the park. With a growing number of graduates each year and an increasing emphasis on finding the right culture and skill fit for your company, talent acquisition is a critical element in any firm’s structure. And while there are many avenues that companies turn to to fill their graduate role job openings, one of the most famous by far is LinkedIn. With its close to 900 million users and global coverage, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for hiring and job search, which is why it can be the ideal pick for your firm.

Here’s how you can promote your graduate role job openings on LinkedIn:

Create a Job Post!

While this may seem like the natural first step, you’d be surprised by how many hiring managers and companies forgo ever making a job post about their open roles! Instead, people tend to rely on posting about job opportunities at their firm in a regular post format, reducing reach and engagement. Creating a job post, on the other hand, will help make your role more visible to people who are not only interested in similar openings but are also likely to apply to your firm. And it also lets you track responses and analytics, helping you streamline the acquisition process.
Just be sure to apply the relevant demographic filters – such as age, location, and education – to your post and to provide necessary information to your candidates such as location, the skill level required, and how to apply!

Tell People you’re Hiring

What’s the number one way to fill a graduate role job opening? Tell people you’re hiring! Your company’s talent acquisition team, hiring managers, and even other members can put up LinkedIn posts on their personal profiles, detailing the roles that the company is hiring for and how to apply to them. Not only will the multi-channel announcement increase reach, but it might just mean that you receive a higher quality of applicants. And if you want to go the extra mile, then include an ‘I’m hiring!’ message in your bio – soon, the applicants will exceed your

Design Hiring Posters

Sometimes, visuals speak louder than words, and that’s the exact philosophy behind using a corporate poster to market your company’s graduate job openings. Let’s face it, there’s hardly anyone that doesn’t like a good poster – not only do they draw us in, but posters are great for saving important information for the long run – and using one for your job openings will help attract the right candidates. And if you’re worried about the design aspect, then there’s always PosterMyWall to turn to – a platform through which you can create and post custom hiring and corporate posters. With dozens of templates to choose from and a user interface that is easy to use, PosterMyWall acts as the go-to resource for creating and editing your hiring posters – all for free!

Headhunt Relevant Candidates!

Filling your graduate role job openings is a two-way stream – market your positions and have candidates apply for the role, and reach out to relevant candidates yourself via LinkedIn headhunting! For the latter, it’s important to have a set criteria for the type of candidate that you’re looking for – useful markers include their education, level of experience, geographic location, and sector and department. Once you have these decided, you can apply the relevant filters and message individuals that seem suitable. Remember, when reaching out to a potential candidate, it’s always important to introduce yourself and the company, leave your contact information, and give a brief
overview of the role to match expectations. Once off-LinkedIn contact has been established, then it’s up to negotiations and offers! So, if you’re looking to promote your graduate role job openings on LinkedIn, then these
tips and tricks are your go-to guide! Just be sure to make adjustments according to your company and the roles you have open, and remember that the right candidate can appear in many different forms!


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