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Guide to Picking up the Right Pair of Hiking Boots in New Zealand.

The first image that permeates our minds when we come across words like adventure, hiking, and hunting are vast open natural landscapes, fields, wilderness, mountain streams, etc. If you happen to find yourself in New Zealand, chances are that these activities have attracted you as well, and if you are someone who is pretty new to this field, you must have the right set of gear to back you up.

When it comes to scoring and gathering the right set of gear for your next NZ escapade, one of the first things that must be on your list is a pair of top-notch hiking boots in NZ or something like Crispi boots in NZ. If you are someone who is confused regarding the form of shoes you must pick up, fret not, as we are here to help!

You see, shortlisting the right pair of boots can be an uphill task, especially for the uninitiated. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the characteristics and factors that you must keep an eye out for, and by following these, you can zero in on the perfect pair for you.

The fit.

One of the first things that you must watch out for while picking up a new set of hiking boots in NZ is the fitting that the shoe features. Different shoes are designed to offer something different, and a hiking boot or shoe is unlike anything else that’s available on the market. While something like crocs or slippers are pretty loose and comfortable, football boots are designed to be quite tight-fitting, and all these are done to best suit the roles that they are meant to serve, and the same can be said about hiking boots as well. You see, these shoes are neither too tight nor too loose, and what this means is that you would be getting a comfortable toe movement range, while support for your feet would be good.

When buying something like Crispi boots in NZ, it is a good idea to get a size that’s larger than regular leather shoes by one notch. Doing so would help you extract the highest levels of comfort and efficiency from the shoe, and this would help prevent injuries as well.

Grip levels.

Hiking and trekking are activities that call for a significant amount of off-road treading, and to that end, having shoes that won’t slip is something that’s absolutely essential. Now, it isn’t really feasible to understand the level of grip on offer by wearing these shoes indoors, but a little sleuthing here would help. You see, most hiking boots in NZ are designed to feature larger and harder lugs, but the difference lies in the material that’s used to construct them. If you make the mistake of picking something up that’s too soft or too hard, you stand the chance of slipping or tripping on slippery or hard surfaces respectively.

Ideally, you must pick something up that’s not too hard, while a cross-pattered lug should help in tackling most terrain out there. If you are unsure about the grip levels that the shoe would offer, we suggest that you try them out in your backyard before heading out into the vast wilderness.


While selecting the right shoe for yourself, you must keep an eye out for the weight of the shoe as well. This is a factor that won’t bother your right away, but the difference would certainly rear its ugly head after you have traversed a large distance over inhospitable terrain. You see, several people are under the impression that heavier boots are better when it comes to tackling treks and hikes, but this just isn’t true.

Thanks to development in modern technology, several modern materials have entered the realm of shoemaking, and the best part about them is that they can deliver amazing levels of protection while being pretty lightweight as well. By picking up such a pair of boots in New Zealand, you can improve your experience immensely.

Waterproof capabilities.

There was a time not so long ago when hiking boots were primarily constructed out of leather, and this poses several challenges for anyone who decided to traverse rivulets or streams. Once drenched, drying them was an extremely difficult task, and in several cases, getting drenched sounded the death knell for these boots. Well, this is a problem that has been relegated to the past as well, and this is mostly due to the development of material technology.

Nowadays, there are a number of shoemaking materials that feature waterproofing characteristics, and if you want to go hiking or trekking in the country, you must consider picking them up right away.

Final take:

Scoring the perfect set of hiking boots doesn’t have to be a chore, and by following the aforementioned points, you can get your hands on some of the best there are. Something like Crispi boots in NZ can prove to be your best partner on extensive hikes and adventures, and by picking them up, you can make your experience that much better.



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