A Guide to Remortgaging Your House: Tips on How to Get the Best Deal

A Guide to Remortgaging Your House: Tips on How to Get the Best Deal

If you have a mortgage on your property, there could be multiple reasons you may be seeking to remortgage it. Maybe you are about to end the existing loan tenure, or perhaps the financial circumstances have changed, and you wish to remortgage for a better interest rate and low repayments.

It is not suitable for everyone. If used well, you can save well on remortgaging. If you are seeking different remortgaging terms for any reason, the blog may help.


What does Remortgaging imply?

Remortgaging is another mortgage on the same property. In this, the borrower either switches the mortgage provider for a better interest rate or fetches one with the same at appreciably low-interest rates. When a borrower signs in for a mortgage agreement with a lender, you are not liable to follow the same rate mortgage for the entire tenure.
However, some lenders may be penalised for switching to better mortgage rates. Thus, wait until the term ends. The borrower can switch the mortgage if he is within six months of the mortgage. He can explore the feasible terms and re-schedule the repayments accordingly.

What could be the major reasons behind remortgaging House?

Here are some common reasons that individuals may consider remortgaging the property:
1: Your current mortgage term is ending
2: You wish to increase the borrowing to free up the cash for a significant expense
3: One needs to reduce the interest payments with improved cash flow or credit score
4: Increase in the property’s value and switch to a cheaper mortgage
5: You want to overpay the costs over the mortgage, and the lender allows it without a pre-payment penalty.

Can Someone Remortgage at Bad Credit?

There are situations where you wish to improve your mortgage position and gain a better hold over finances. CCJs, IVA, and missed payments, often affect one psyche, and constant tension impacts the overall lifestyle. However, a credit score may prevent someone from fetching an affordable mortgage. In this case, switching to a niche-specific lender may help your situation.

Some life goals should not wait. Everyone wishes to leverage the opportunity after noticing an increase in the property’s price; however, bad credit makes it impossible to rationalize it.

Would you like to lose the opportunity to revise the interest rates and simultaneously amplify the property’s value? No!

So, you need not defer your dreams when you can gain one without worrying about credit issues.

Yes, some lenders provide remortgages with bad credit to individuals with inappropriate credit profiles. Under this, some lenders may accept borrowers with missed payments, CCJ, or IVA. If the lenders find improved credit management as per recent credit behaviour, they may consider the loan application.

If the borrower has a lower Debt-to-income ratio (45%), he is more likely to qualify for the mortgage. However, the ideal ratio is (30%), but with bad credit, having a ratio near 40 works well. If one can wait until the credit score improves, he may fetch an affordable remortgage deal.

How To Get the Best Remortgage Deal?

Mortgage rates have been up by 2% since January 2022. The cost of a 2-year mortgage has risen to 3.46% from 1.34%. Getting the best remortgaging deal amid the soaring cost of living is critical by challenging at the same time. Check the below ways to fetch the best remortgage deal:

Find out at the end of the term

It is one of the most important things to consider before remortgaging the deal. Check the expiry if you are on a fixed mortgage rate, where repayments and interest rates remain intact for the loan tenure. If you do not remortgage within six months of loan period completion, the lender may switch to a standard mortgage rate.

In case; you are back on your payments or wish to exceed the mortgage term. However, the Standard Variable rate (SVR) is running costly now, and you may have to dedicate more towards repayments. Thus, act early in this case.

Increase the Deposit to eliminate the risk

Ensure a higher deposit if you wish to eliminate the risk of losing the property to the lender. The bigger the Deposit, the lower the interest rates, and of course, it decreases the Loan-to value ratio too. A Loan-to-value represents the amount of investment the lenders make from the property.

The risk evaluation helps lenders identify the affordability and decide the loan approval. It determines the relationship between the loan amount and the property’s market value. If you pay a higher deposit, you share the higher LTV percentage. You can hold 70% of the LTV by paying good upfront. It is about dominating the top equity position in the mortgage.

Filing a Joint mortgage application

Everyone dreams of living the best moments of life by meeting every dream. Some moments call for immediate action, but poor credit may prevent it. If you have a big event like hosting a grant wedding and need funds urgently, a joint mortgage can help. In this, you can file a mortgage application with your spouse or someone whom you trust blindfolded.

In the UK, most students wish to buy their homes early but cannot secure a mortgage owing to compromised credit scores. Entering into a joint mortgage agreement with one of the guardians having impressive credit can improve the loan approval chances.

A joint mortgage application minimizes the lenders and borrower risks. In this, both are solely responsible for making repayments towards the loan. It, likewise, makes one fetch the mortgage deal at affordable interest rates. Nothing can match the excitement. Find a reliable partner from home and get a re-mortgage at better rates.

Pick the right mortgage loan term

It is about identifying the requirements, personal financial circumstances, and purpose before choosing the loan term. The most common remortgaging loan terms are 2-5 years. But lenders provide remortgage deals for 10,15, and 20 years.

A 2-year fixed mortgage may quickly help you remortgage at better rates than more extended terms. However, longer mortgage loan terms protect the interest rates from external effects.

Also, decide whether your financial and personal situations align well with the fixed mortgage type or a variable one. If you wish to dedicate a fixed repayment towards the loan at a fixed interest rate, then a fixed mortgage is the deal apt for you and vice-versa.

Choose the right time

Understanding certain factors affecting the interest rates is imperative before remortgaging. The Bank of England often changes the interest rate per the market and other economic parameters. Choosing the apt time to remortgage can be profitable and save you good money down the road.

Regardless of the credit power, everyone must analyze the timing and mortgage market before remortgaging.

People sometimes remortgage at the wrong time and pay extra towards the Standard Variable rate (SVR) mortgage. If you do not act early, the lender may switch the mortgage to SVR. Contacting the best online mortgage broker can prevent one from paying an extra £2000 or more towards the mortgage. By helping fetch the best mortgage rates from different lenders in the UK, they provide the apt and personalized remortgage solution.


So, these tips may help you fetch the best mortgage rate if you are eying remortgaging the mortgage. You can remortgage with bad credit, too; it’s all about finding the right person.


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