Hot Air Balloon In Goa | Adventurous Goa

Hot Air Balloon In Goa | Adventurous Goa

The natural beauty and landmarks of this place make this place a paradise. Goa is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and exciting places to visit in India. Every year thousands of people flock to Goa to visit the beaches that are full of fun and refreshments, and to experience the beauty of a beautiful retreat. It is a beautiful combination of Sun, Sand, and Sea, mixed with delicious local food and endless parties along the beach.

Goa has more to it than just beaches. It is one of the most exciting places in India. The endless beauty of the area and the pristine beaches make you want to visit Goa more than once. Some parts of Goa will remind you of Portuguese culture. It is home to many Portuguese Style buildings, which have withstood the test of time and are present to tell the story of the period. Portuguese-style churches, old castles, and other old buildings will take you back to that era. With tonnes of shaky beaches prevailing on beaches such as Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, and Colva, North Goa is a party animal. Enjoy Goa and Konkan food here with amazing cocktails and mocktails that you can take with you. The tranquillity and tranquillity of South Goa beaches such as Arambol, Palolem, and Galgibaga make it an ideal place to have a peaceful vacation! If you are in Goa, just rent a bike, scooter, or jeep and explore Goa yourself. It is the best and most enjoyable way to travel around Goa. Don’t forget to bring your own sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Goa also offers you many exciting adventure activities scuba diving in Malvan with watersports to add something fun to your vacation.

Now add to this list Hot Air Ballooning. It has just started in Goa and is already making waves. Imagine flying across a clear sea of azure and gold! The flight begins with an inflatable balloon for motorists. When the envelope is full of air, propane burners ignite the air inside. In about 30 minutes the balloon is ready to fly. Gather and greet your driver in a beautiful handmade basket. The magnificent and wide basket has a place for many people to enjoy an amazing experience. As you rise from the ground and resist the force of gravity, you will be amazed at how bright the balloon feels in the air.

You will have a 360-degree view of Goa, so keep your camera straight and take amazing photos! At 900 meters you will get a view of the evergreen Goa bird. Height will continue to change; your pilot may also be able to change direction by experiencing a change in wind speed at another level. Taking this adventure experience in Goa would be a perfect fit! You will love the idea of flying high in the sky with a magical vision beneath you and drinking everywhere! Hot Air Ballooning in Goa will surely be a pleasure! Unlike other sports such as diving and parachuting; the balloon is very safe and fun. The best time to enjoy this winter activity. Enjoying this experience depends on the spirit. The climate, temperature, and other elements determine the beauty of this experience.

Since not much is done inside the balloon and the entertainment depends on the scenic value of this, you need to choose the right place for this ride. The top places to enjoy riding a hot air balloon in Goa are;

1. Morjim

 Morjim is a beach escape destination. Choose early winter when the plants in the area are flooded with rainwater. You can view the sea, the sea, and other plants near the sea while ballooning. The warm air from the sea and the beautiful breeze can make the ride very enjoyable…

2. Saulim Dam

This dam has green water that is as fast as velvet flowing. While in the balloon, you can watch the water flowing in the fall with a smooth drive.

3. Cabo de Rama

The castle in this area is amazing to look at with a high view by balloon. In addition, you can have a view of the sea, the sea, and green vegetation.

4. Quitol

It is a small town in South Goa. While floating in the hot air balloon, you can get a bird’ view of the whole village. This is the work you should do when visiting Quitol during the winter. Best Time for Hot Air Ballooning As mentioned earlier, the hot air balloon experience can only be enhanced by the environment and the weather. Always choose this activity in the early morning when the sun is ready to rise or in the evening when the sun is about to set. In Goa, the rainy season ends in early September. From September to February, the weather will be cold and well suited for balloon installation. March can also be added to this list if summer does not start early.


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