How Being Specific Can Help You Get Your Next Assignment

How Being Specific Can Help You Get Your Next Assignment

College life comes with its share of challenges. One of these is writing longer assignments that require higher information, communication, and critical thinking skills than what you might have been used to in high school. 

Perhaps you were planning for your next writing piece to be effective, influential, and robust to grab the spotlight. But unfortunately, you have ended up with a meandering part of work whose valid message is vague or completely incomprehensible.

It leaves your readers under so many doubtful quotations. Writing doesn’t have to be this painful. Getting to the point is an excellent strategy if you want your writing to inspire, educate, and score the best.

Here are eight tips to help you get ahead.

Use all available sources of information

Indeed, you will get a list of restrictions and deadlines from your college instructor. Beyond those restrictions, lectures make available an increasing number of resources. But students often forget to look into those. 

For example, to understand how your assignment will be graded, you can examine the rubric. Rubrics are a chart indicating what you need to do to obtain a high distinction, a credit, a pass, and the course objectives. It is also known as “learning outcomes.”

While talking about instant sources includes your lecture recordings, reading lists, sample assignments, and discussion with friends. All this information should be put together like a chart. You can also use apps or online software as a learning management system.      

Take referencing seriously

Plagiarism uses somebody else’s writing, words, or ideas without mentioning their attribution in your assignment. It is a severe offense to an academic career. So whether you are in school or college, beware of such cheating form. 

It can ruin your entire semester. In many cases, though, students are unaware they have cheated. They are simply unfamiliar with referencing styles like MLAAMAAPAOSCOLAHarvardVancouverChicago, and IEEE. They lack the skills to put the information from their sources into their own words.

To avoid making such plagiarism mistake, you may go to your college’s library, which is likely to offer face-to-face classes or online resources on referencing. In addition, if you hire an academic writer or proofreader, they will also help you with paraphrasing.

You can also use referencing management software, such as EndNote or Mendeley. By using these online referencing tools, you can save your assignment sources, retrieve referencing links and create reference lists with only a few clicks.

Take assignment help from experienced referencing experts and deliver you an excellent citation paper on time. 

Using this kind of citation-generating software will undoubtedly save your time searching for and formatting references. However, you still need to become familiar with the citation style in your coursework or field and revise the formatting accordingly.

Planning before you write

Suppose you were to build a mansion. You wouldn’t start by laying bricks randomly. Instead, you would start with a plan of the house. Likewise, writing an academic paper needs cautious planning.

First, you need to make a blueprint of your project. Then, you need to decide the number of paragraphs, sections, their organization, and the information and sources you will include in each.

As per recent research, students who prepare detailed sketches produce higher-quality content. Planning will not only help you get better grades but will also reduce the time you spend staring blankly at the screen, thinking about what to write next. It will guide you throughout your writing journey. 

During the planning stage, using software like OneNote from Microsoft Office or Outline for MAC can make the task easier as they allow you to establish information in tabs. This kind of information can be easily rearranged for later writing. In addition, navigating through the accounts is more straightforward than scrolling through a long Word file.  

Using appreciate sentence length

Have you ever wanted to read a sentence that was too long that when you got to the end, you would forget the actual meaning of the sentence?

The lengthy a sentence grows, the more difficult it is for the readers to track what’s being told. You may be writing longer sentences to fit in more ideas, but this can result in your true message getting lost.

Make sure your sentences float well and express complete your thoughts. It is easy to understand while writing in a simple and well-constructive way. Avoid sentence fragments.     

If your sentence is so long that its meaning isn’t clear, or you’ve switched topics partway through, and then break it into two new sentences. 

For creative writing, it is crucial to find a proper place where you can produce great ideas, whether that is a café, library, park benches, or your study room. It allows you to unlock your imagination and do the work you have planned for.

Choose the correct vocabulary 

It is vital to understand which of these sentences is more appropriate for an assignment?

For instance, “The piece of writing talks about why the Earth is getting hotter” or “The content delivers the causes of climate change.”

The academic language used while writing an assignment is more formal and technical than the language you usually use in social media or while chatting with your friends. So, you should adopt the language first.

Academic terms and vocabulary tend to be longer, and their meaning is also more precise. Here, “Climate change” denotes more than just the planet “getting hotter.”

To find the right words, you can use various apps to enhance your vocabulary. It shows you the words that appear more frequently, with your search entry categorized grammatically. 

For example, if you enter “writing paper,” it will tell you it is often the subject of verbs such as “current,” “define,” “scrutinize,” and “debate.”

Avoid filler terms 

Reducing filler words can make your sentences shorter and easier to understand. 

Filler words and phrases are pointless words that create disorder in our sentences and don’t add meaning. For example: “Basically,” “Rather,” “Just like,” “As a matter of fact,” “Most of,” and “at all times.”

Students generally use these words to pad their writing, but they start to bog down in write-up and blow up our word count when you use them too much. It ruins your content flow. Writers don’t use such words as “actually “and “just” in almost every other sentence.

Using voice (Active/passive)

You may have heard that it’s always better to use the active voice, but the passive voice has some great approaches to know. The main factor is to use whichever voice will do the best job communicating the meaning of your sentence.

While using active voice, you can directly share with your readers. It is a great tool to stand your point quickly.

For example, suppose you are writing about “Academy award nomination 2020”- here you have written a line inactive, “Youn Yuh-Jung won the Oscar for the best-supporting actress.”

But if you are writing a recipe for the Academy award 2020, you should focus on the passive voice. In passive, it would be “The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was won by Youn Yuh-Jung.”

In general, using an active voice will infuse your writing with more incredible energy and clarity.

Still, sometimes the passive voice will be your best choice, depending on which part of the sentence you want to emphasize. You can also contact assignment experts from for better writing suggestions and papers. 

Edit and proofread

This is the final stage of your writing paper. If you’re on the last paragraph of the assignment ten minutes before the deadline, you will miss an important step in the writing process: editing and proofreading your text.

A 2021 study found, 56% of a group of college students did significantly better in exams after joining the process of planning, drafting, and editing in their texts. 

You probably already know to check the spelling of a word if it appears underlined in red. You may even use a grammar checker like Ginger, Grammarly, and Turnitin. However, no tool can detect every error, and it is not uncommon to be given inaccurate suggestions.

So, in addition to your choice of a proofreader, you need to improve and expand your grammar knowledge. Check out the popular assignment help services as they offer the best assignments within deadlines. 


Writing with creativity essence is a skill that requires effort and dedication. That’s why colleges and universities are investing in support services. That’s why they conduct face-to-face workshops, individual consultations, and online classes. Keep these 8 points in your mind while writing assignments. You can also take advantage of a wide range of web-based resources such as spell checkers, vocabulary tools, and referencing software from In addition, online writing tools like plagiarism checkers, word counters, and referencing generating tools will help you succeed at university and beyond.

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