How do I pursue my passion? – 4 Ways to fuel your passion

How do I pursue my passion? – 4 Ways to fuel your passion

Being passionate for a course is beautiful but what happens when you run out of the initial euphoria you felt when you started? How do you fuel your passion and continue operating with the initial energy?

It is well known that there is always this feeling of excitement when you are just starting out. The plans are well mapped out alongside its objectives and deadlines.

After the euphoria wears off, you are faced with the reality of consciously keeping your passion alive. This can be difficult if you are not equipped with the practical knowledge on how to move forward.

In this article I will outline practices that will help you fuel your passion especially during rough times. However, it is pertinent to note that these are not the only ways to fuel your passion.

With that being said here are four ways to fuel your passion:

Have a mentor

A mentor is a wise teacher/coach who acts as your forerunner in the game. Having a mentor in your area of passion is very important.

Being a knowledgeable forerunner, he/she knows every nooks and crannies, the pitfall, and the upsides in that area.

Having such life experiences, it’s quite certain that a mentor has a big influence in fueling your passion.

Additionally, you will find it more easier to discuss downsides with a mentor because he/she can easily relate to whatever you are saying.

In cases, when you are feeling unenthusiastic about your passion, you should connect with an experienced mentor. You will be drastically energized by his/her words of wisdom.

However, it is pertinent to note that there is a disparity between a mentor and an expert. An expert is a knowledgeable person that is skillful in a particular expertise.

The major difference is that an expert speaks from a professional stance while a mentor coaches from experience and this create room for freedom of expression.

Thus, if you are yet to have a mentor, choose one you are able to express yourself freely.

Rely on resources concerning your passion

Resources in this scenario include, books, videos, TV programs/shows, podcast, and blog posts. It is basically anything that positively fuels your passion.

Relying on these external resources will sometimes help you identify ignored loopholes in your passion that needs improvement. These loopholes tend to be a challenge and solving challenges charges up your passion.

For instance, you have passion for music and you read a book about cultural music. You might discover a rise in audience interest in pop music probably due to a decline in production of cultural music. You can decide to fill the gap.

Also, these resources does not only widen your horizon but also inspires you to use your passion for the betterment of human kind.

Reminisce on the positive impact your passion has on others

We live not only for ourselves but also for other. If the former was the case, man would live in isolation.

In other words, man was never meant to live alone. We all have a great impact in each other lives. Whatever passion you have, has a great influence in people’s life.

Thus, when you are in doubt of pursuing your passion, recall the positive impact you had on others. And if you are unsure about your influence, take a survey to hear people’s testimonies.

Knowing how folks admires your zeal will certainly energize you to do more to keep the love coming.

Some successful people whose career is their passion have affirm to how the positive effect of their career on people have kept them going especially in difficult times.

Maintain positive thoughts

Although it’s advised to disregard negative thoughts but the truth is there will always come, it depends on how you react to it.

Your reaction is dependent on how much your mind has grown. One feature of a matured mind is maintaining positive thoughts especially during rough times.

In order to achieve this, you need to infuse some practices that grows positive thoughts in your daily activities.

Unfortunately, inability to maintain positive thoughts could be detrimental to your passion. That is because your first thoughts towards a challenge might be to quit.

Thus, positive thoughts keeps your hopes high and also remind you that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

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