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 It is a story for every student. We all have gone through this emergency phase. You pass your time very casually until the last couple of days for exams. And then the adrenaline rush starts. You start feeling anxious about covering up your whole syllabus in two days. Well, yes, it is not encouraged and difficult but nor impossible. If you try enough and give your 100% then nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. What you just need is the correct motivation and zeal for completing your studies.

I am here to discuss some of the most effective ways in which you can prepare for your exams in two days. But the condition is that you would need to follow everything in the letter.

There can be various reasons for delaying your study but the major one currently is procrastination. Sometimes some unforeseen situation also creeps up and you do not know how to cope with your studies. You need to know some effective as well as quick tips for preparing completely or even revising for your exams just two days before. 

Well, believe me, all is never lost. Something can be done for every crunch situation. And I am here to reassure you that no stone is left unturned even if only two days are left for the exams. 


  1. Utilise your morning time: we all love to sleep. Yes, we do. And I also agree. But you need to prioritize your situation according to your needs. And when you only have a couple of days for covering your exams, then there should not be any sleep in view. The clock keeps ticking. It does not wait for anyone. Thus, you need to make it count. Do not get up ate some stupid-o-clock. Have correct motivation and do not burn out easily. Always set an alarm for a considerable time. the study time should start around 9 a.m. You can sleep as much as you want after your exams. 
  2. Choose your study corner wisely: everyone has their own comfortable place for studying in the house. Even in school, you must have your own way to deal with your studies. You will never be able to give proper attention to your studies from bed. You will just get comfortable in it and fall asleep. No one can dispute the fact that it exists. The sequence is known to all. You will sit and take support. Finally, in a while, you will slide and lay straight on the bed. You will be more productive in an environment where there remains no tempting factor like a bed. Sit in the library if you are comfortable and if it gives you motivation. 
  3. If visiting the library, be prepared: the library can be confusing. There remain a lot of books for every subject. You should know from before what you are looking for. Think of every possible help that you can get from the library. You can also use highlighters whose marks can be erased. Otherwise, the librarian will take a penalty fee from you. You do not want any extra pressure during exam times. When you are in crunch time to go to the library, then you can get the books issued. Take it home but do not just let it sit on the table you can also get access to the E-library from assignment help Canberra’s website. Study, mark, revise. That’s all you need to do. 
  4. Make a plan: when a building is constructed, the plan is made beforehand. The blueprint provides direction for the construction. Thus, a plan made before commencing anything important is always fruitful. You are also advised to make a plan for all the topics that you have to cover in the two days. The breakup of the curriculum will make a difference. It will also give you a limit to completing a particular portion in time. The time consumed in planning can look like a waste right now but, trust me it is not. Well, I can say that you will thank me later for this tip. Making my assignment can also help you in making your study plan. 
  5. Do not panic:the last-minute study also makes you panic. But you are not supposed to be. You have to believe in yourself and digest all information with a calm attitude. An optimistic outlook will also benefit you in the long run. It is undoubtedly simpler said than done. But trying will always help you in moving closer to your goal. It is possible to beat the stress during exams with the mentioned trick. 
  6. Solve past question papers and lecture slides: we always want to know what is coming in the exam. But obviously, we can never know exactly the questions. But it is always better to have an idea about the pattern of the question paper. The past papers will tell you about what is likely to come up in the exam. You can also take help from my assignment helpers. For getting answers to past questions ready for you to study. So do not sit idle. Use the tools at your disposal as much as possible. Mark out the common questions. Head to the textbooks and mark up the answers. You can also use past papers to evaluate your last-minute study. If you do not know the complete answers, then also it is not an issue. If you recall the major points, that’s all. 
  7. Limited use of technology and no social media: well, limited use of technology as it is a great source of information. But you do not need to rely on it solely. Say no to social media in your mind. And follow it. You cannot afford any distractions at this point. Well, if you want and possibly get all the notes printed. So that a complete cut-off can be done from phone usage. This can also prevent you from procrastinating. If you are thinking you will not be able to be away from your cellular device then keep it locked and give the keys to mum. 
  8. Condense your notes and streamline your every topic you can also make flowcharts to narrow down the theoretical parts. It will also help you in effectively retaining the information. If you are a colourful person then use different colours for marking or highlighting. If you ever struggle with large topics, you can get them narrowed down with the help of experts from assignment help Canberra. It will keep you interested in the topic and engaged. Kindly take my advice and keep yourself hooked on your studies. You can learn the key concepts, evaluations, examples, and with conflicting arguments. 
  9. Eat healthily:it is very important to take care of your health also. It will only support you to study properly. Your brain needs refreshments and so juices are important. Drink plenty of water. You are required to be hydrated. Eating fruits will provide you with energy. Do not have junk as it will make you lazy. But never drink an energy drink. It is never a good idea. It might be tempting but no, it is a no. Caffeine can also make you energized but for some moments. But in a few hours, you will crash majorly. Thus, it is not advisable to use any packaged energy drinks or protein bars. Eat healthy home food. 

10.Memory trick works: you can make a syncing rhythm to remember your notes. Do not start applying music largely but you can always use a rapping rhythm for your studies. It will make the voice sting in your head and you will consume every piece of information easily. You can also apply funny anecdotes as well as mnemonics. It will help you in memorizing the phrases and facts. It might feel childish but those tricks help. It is the reason these ways are used to make a child learn. It makes the base strong. 

  1.     You will have to memorize: there are a lot of subjects that need remembering dates and names. You will have to memorize these. There is no shortcut for studying proper nouns and numerical data. Some quotes are also required to be learned. You can do this first thing in the day so that a fresh mind can take it in properly. 
  2.     Take short naps: it has been proved by research that taking short naps in between studies enhances memory capacity. The brain works in a better way. So if you start feeling dizzy or sleepy after 4-5 hours of study, take a short nap of half an hour. This is the power nap for a reason. It will give you the required power for the moment. 
  3.     Review the study after a nap: when you resume your study after taking a power nap always revise the topic that you were studying before taking a break. It will strengthen the studied portion and enhance your confidence. It will provide you with the motivation of studying further. 
  4.     Revise the next topic with sincerity: now, if you remember your previous topic well, do not start lingering on it but move on to the next topic. Track the time so that you do not deviate from your set goal. 

15.      Try to sleep well before the exam day: I know that it does not happen very easily but you have to make your mind calm and sleep over. It will give you the required energy for completing the paper in the exam.



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