How To Become a Web Designer?

How To Become a Web Designer?

When you are just a beginner in technology, it can get difficult to figure out the right place to begin several ways are made available these days for everyone. You can go ahead with web development to digital marketing or web designing. There are so many specialization options available here.

Web designing also is an amazing place for diving in when you are new to all of this, but the main question remains how can you become an expert web designer?

Like several tech roles, for becoming a web designer one needs to have both analytical and creative sides in the head. Web designing is another versatile career that has loads of opportunities for narrowing down the right course but only once you have discovered the exact passion you have.

What are the specific skills that one needs to have if one wants to become a good web designer? We shall discuss all of the critical skills that one needs to have so that you can become a web designer and also some additional skills that can help in setting you apart from the crowd!

What is Web Designing?

Web design can be called part science and part artistry. Web designing checks on both the analytical and creative sides of an individual’s mind. Web designers begin with the concept and then translate all of this information into colors, visuals, typography, images, structure, and negative space. All of his tends to come together and offers not just the user experiences but also a way of communicating ideas.

A good web designing company understands the importance of every design piece. This also makes choices at the smallest levels, each of the elements gets styled and there is no loss of sight on the way elements will eventually come together and function for delivering the best designs.

Regardless of how amazing the web design visuals are, there is no meaning to it without the organization. Our logic also needs our guide for idea arrangements and visuals over each of the pages being made. It should include the way viewers will look at it. Any skilled designer can create designs and deliver them in the least clicks possible.

There are several sub-disciplines in which web design can be broken. Some of the designers go for the specialization in the areas like SEO, UX, UI, and some other expertise areas. When one begins their web designing journey, it’s best to have some idea of all of the varied web design facets.

Know That Web Designers Get Back-End Powered

You will be coming across such terms as in the front end and back end as you learn. Most people tend to mix these up, but you must know that both of these are different. Back-end will be everything that keeps running behind the website display scene. The website depends on the servers.

When the users make their request, such as navigating through specific sections of websites, the server is going to take some time for the information that comes and shoots the HTML codes so that all of it gets displayed well while a user is browsing through.

The servers also host all of the data that the website needs to function on. Web developers that are also specialized with back-end development are usually programmers that are working on languages like PHP and can be using Python frameworks such as Django, can manage SQL database and also write the Java codes.

But understand for being a web designer there isn’t a critical need for going deep in things that happen at the back end, as it will be provided to you. But still one needs to understand its major purpose well.

Skills to Learn For Becoming a Web Designer

When you are getting interested in pursuing a web designer career, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Developing necessary skills

For becoming a web designer, one has to become proficient with the technical aspects of website building. While one can go ahead and go with getting a degree in web design, like a bachelor’s or associate degree in graphic design or programming, a lot of web designers stay self-taught. Some courses are subject-specific available that you can learn from online and develop the skills. Some of the critical skills for any web designer can be:

  • Graphic Software

Most web designers make use of several programs like Photoshop for facilitating graphic creation for varied websites. One can also get familiar with such programs via practice, research and classes.

  • Programming Languages

Most web designers also require some kind of knowledge in programming languages like CSS, HTML, jQuery, Flash, JavaScript, and Flash. The freelancers also need better coding knowledge and the web designers can stay employed with agencies that might work on teams that also include graphic designers and programmers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Some knowledge of SEO techniques can be of immense help for web designers. This will be prominent of assistance while one has to search for specific topics and keywords.

  • Web Design Theory

Now, there are specific foundational principles for making excellent websites, and this can include the website structure, color theory, and user experience. In case you haven’t attended college, one still has the option of studying the theory and reading and researching much about it as one can. There are enough books and online data available these days that one can try.

  • Communication Skills

Web designers also require amazing communication skills for a better understanding of the wants and needs of the client. This makes sure that everything is implemented correctly and as per the client’s needs and one can also suggest some quality ideas for the website effectively.

  1. Get Certifications

When one gets certifications in specific areas, this can be helpful for learning skills, improving resume, and also charging higher prices. It also proves your knowledge when a potential client approaches you. Some of the certifications that you can go for to become a good web designer include:

  • Adobe Certified Expert

Several tools can get used by the web designers that are Adobe created and this is one of the much-respected certifications as well. You have the choice of becoming the best in several programs here. Every certificate they provide needs you to take the course and take an exam.

  • General Assembly Bootcamp

Now, General Assembly provides several courses in app development, digital marketing, web development, JavaScript, and user experience. Each of these courses is taught by professionals in the industry and also offered in-person or online.

  • Google Mobile Web Specialist

The Google certification demonstrates the web designing skills for the mobile application. This exam will cover detailed topics on performance optimization, accessibility, advanced web applications, and mobile web form. Google offers you a free study guide for preparing for this exam and one can attempt this three times.

  1. Time Management

You might be interested in learning more about web designing for freelance work or planning to join a company, one has to stay on their project schedule for becoming an excellent web designer. This might also mean that one gets the awareness of productivity apps like calendars or task lists. In case you have become part of a big company, have tracking tools like JIRA and Trello.

Whatever these tools might be, becoming the master of prioritizing work and staying on track is going to be essential for success in the competitive world of web designing.

  1. Building Habits For Regular Design Testing

The procedure of web designing needs analysis and evaluation for the finished work. The designers also need to the website for being sure that the pages are loaded quickly and the website is accessible for mobile and desktop users. This means it has to have a responsive design. The good news is that this is much easier for checking these days and there are tools from Google that one can make use of.

  1. Keep updated with Coming Trends

Inspiration stays critical for people that have creative work in hand, web designers being one of them. You will have to stay familiar with everything new and happening in the field. This will assist with the constantly changing requirements of web visitors. It’s also recommended that you at least spend one hour every day taking a look at some of the best designs and techniques.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a web designer isn’t as difficult as it can look, but it needs effort and time. Most of the skills that we mentioned here will not be found by reading a book or in an online course. There is a need for practice. Therefore, stay patient and keep practicing as much as you can. Also, only when you are passionate about web designing, do we recommend that you go ahead with learning it. Even when we speak of the first job, have the focus on experience and learning and not just money. Always see design and problems as opportunities for learning.


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