How to Create a Logo like a Pro with Online Logo Makers

How to Create a Logo like a Pro with Online Logo Makers

If you already have some time on the internet researching the process for creating a logo for your company, you’ve come to the right article. You will be able to check here the best logo maker that will help you create free online logos.

Having a 100% original logo through a project created from scratch is the dream of many entrepreneurs. But a point that draws a lot of attention is that these people believe that creating a logo is a very cost-effective process.

The fact is that this statement is not true. Today, it is possible to create a logo super intuitively and cheaply without making a significant investment or committing its budget.

Many people don’t know or give importance, but the logo has great importance for the company. It can be considered the identity of your business and is the first visual contact that happens between customer and organization. Through it, your final consumer can visualize and identify your company.

That’s why the logo is essential. And you must build a logo loaded with identity, especially that makes an impact on the audience you want to conquer. If you didn’t know, this is a strategy used by big companies and brands that want to be remembered.

It can be cited that Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Netflix, and other large companies have worldwide repercussions and are seen and remembered because of their logo.

So, if you want to be big and conquer space with authority in the market, you need to invest in a logo. And today, thanks to digital marketing, it is possible to build a free and super professional online logo.

Let’s get into action! From now on, you will be able to check the best online logo makers that will help you create your logo. Best of all, you’ll be able to access the tools for free.

Check out the 3 best platforms for designing logos.


Canva is the darling of the general public, operating through a super intuitive platform. This tool makes it possible to effortlessly create a series of logos and various pieces with super innovative and differentiated designers.

The user can create a logo for any product, store, or service with it. Canva is a handy tool for those who need to create a visual identity and establish their brand within the digital market.

The application, which can be downloaded for free, can also assist you within your business with producing pieces such as posters, business cards, pamphlets, folders, and even posts for social media, such as Instagram.

It can be downloaded in both Android and IOS mobile versions. It is of fundamental importance that Canva in the desktop version has a much more complete engine with extra features. And in all versions, you can create a logo online and for free.


DesignEvo is also a super helpful logo maker and easy to use, as it already has a vast array of pre-created templates. As soon as you access DesignEvo and choose one of them, you will be automatically directed to an editing page from which you can tweak and configure your company logo in your way.

A significant advantage of this platform is that you can create logos simply and intuitively without downloading anything. Liked? Click here to download the application.

Now, if you are willing to invest a little more in the tool’s advanced features, it is recommended that when downloading your design, you click on the button in the upper right corner where it says Download.

Some people don’t know, but it’s also possible to create high-resolution logos in DesignEvo for a small fee.

In the option with a slightly higher cost-benefit, you have access to files in PNG format in addition to having the help of life support. With the application, you can download vector files and have full ownership over the copyright of the logo you created.


Despite this rather complicated name, Hatchful is one of the most recommended platforms for creating a logo and one of the most straightforward applications to use.

You must access the site, click on the Get started option and select the segment you work in, indicating, for example, if you work with: fashion, beauty, sport, etc. Then just select the three design styles you like the most. Then type your company name and inform which logo you want.

The tool is so complete that it gives you alternatives to decide if you want a logo for your website, business card, store, social network, in short. You have a series of options within the application itself.

Then click on the logo that you liked the most. In this part of the edit, you decide which color you prefer, font, and icon. The next step is to click on the Next menu to go to the page where the logo can be downloaded.

Final words

Creating a logo some time ago required time and a lot of resources. Today, with the innovation of technology and the emergence of digital marketing tools, you can follow and live a new reality.

Thanks to the emergence of applications, you can create online and free logos in an intuitive and super professional way without needing a graphic design professional.

Though, you cannot deny that the help of a professional in the field contributes and collaborates a lot during creating and finalizing the logo.

One more factor you cannot deny is that not every company or business always has the resources available to make this type of investment.

It can say that this type of service that works with the construction of free online logos can be seen as a super practical and highly efficient service model, especially for those who are just starting and want to create a solid and striking identity for their company.

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