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How to Draw An Explosion. When watching an action movie, few effects are more spectacular than a huge explosion! An explosion is big, loud, and dangerous and can cause great excitement if the hero runs away instantly.

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We may see explosions in many blockbuster movies, but learning how to draw an explosion properly can be challenging.

However, knowing what to do can create amazing explosions and unleash your inner action director!

This step-by-step guide to drawing an explosion shows you how to have fun while doing it!

How to Draw An Explosion

Step 1

To begin this guide to drawing an explosion, let’s start with the fluffy top of the explosion.

To do this, draw multiple jagged lines in a curve to create this effect. There will be a gap at the bottom and a small one to the left, but we’ll fill those shortly.

Once you have these elements drawn, you are ready for step 2.

Step 2

For this part of the exploded view, draw the thin central “pillar” of the explosion. First, draw a curved line from the explosion’s left side.

While at it, you can also draw a small curved line in the space you left on the left side of the upper cloud.

You can then draw a curved line going down to the right, but this time leave a medium-sized gap at the bottom of the line.

Step 3

We will add a base and more details in this step of our guide on drawing an explosion.

First, you can draw a straight line across the bottom of the drawing. Then you can draw more jagged lines to create a cloud at the bottom of the explosion.

This cloud will also pass over the centre column of the explosion, as shown in our reference image.

You can also add more jagged lines at the top of the inner column of the blast, as you can see in our image.

Step 4

This step and the next few are all about adding some great final touches to the exploded view to finish it off.

For now, you can draw more jagged lines inside the top of the blast, extending beyond the sides of the pillar.

Then you can use some curved lines going around the head of the explosion for a cool effect.

Step 5

When there is an explosion, pieces of debris will fly in all directions, and we will draw this debris in this step of our guide to drawing an explosion.

One of these fragments will fill the space you left on the right side of the central blast column.

To draw the rest, add some irregular shapes flying out from the centre of the explosion.

We’ve added four pieces of debris, but you can add more or less depending on your preference and change the placement slightly.

Step 6

Your drawing of the explosion is almost complete now, and we need to add a few more details before it’s done.

First, you can draw lines inside the centre column extending from the base.

Then you can add some long jagged lines extending from the top of the blast head. A few coarser lines within the explosion also help develop this effect.

Finally, there are some details you can add around the explosion. First, draw some lines going outwards from the base of the blast, as shown in our reference image.

Then it’s finished with sharper shapes extending outwards, with other small bits of debris for good measure.

This technically completes this drawing, but add as much of your detail as you like.

You could draw someone dramatically fleeing the explosion to make this scene look like a real action scene!

Step 7

This picture already looks amazing, but you can make it even better in this last step of our guide on drawing an explosion! You can add some nice colours to bring this image to life.

In our example image, we used colours like red, orange, and yellow to make this explosion look striking and warm!

You can use similar colours for your explosion, but you can use as many colours as you like.

Mediums such as acrylic paint or coloured pencils give this design a bright cartoon style.

While something like watercolours or coloured pencils would create a more classic, softer look.

Your Explosion Drawing is Finished!



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