How to Scale Up Your Virtual Town Hall Game in 2022?

How to Scale Up Your Virtual Town Hall Game in 2022?

As an employer, town hall meetings are the best way to interact with the employees, celebrate small achievements, share updates and discuss their way forward. However, the onset of the covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the events industry and paved the way for the adoption of virtual events. Town halls are no less in this regard. Organizations have started hosting their company town hall meetings virtually using online event platforms. If you are also planning to host your next town hall meeting virtually, here are some ways in which you can up your virtual town hall game in 2022.

Tips to Scale Up Your Virtual Town Hall Game

Here are some tips to boost engagement in your virtual town hall meetings.

Find the Right Virtual Town Hall Platform

You can’t expect to host a successful virtual town hall meeting without finding the right and the most appropriate online town hall meeting platform. Therefore, this is a crucial decision for your virtual town hall meeting. Firstly, figure out the features that are a must-have for a virtual town hall meeting and then explore the various options available. secondly, look for good engagement features for your virtual town hall meeting. Gamification, live chat, virtual photo booths, quizzes, and audio/video calls are some of the most popular features to include in a virtual town hall.

Use Icebreakers

The best way to break the discomfort between the attendees is to use unique ice-breakers. Ice-breaking activities are a great way to introduce the new joiners and promote interaction and collaboration among the attendees. It makes the employees feel comfortable speaking in the meeting. Moreover, it helps the employees know more about each other. Make sure you plan the ice-breaking activities before the event. Some of the most popular ice-breaking activities are as follows –

Never Have I Ever

Two Truths and a Lie

Virtual Trivia

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Online Riddles

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Gamify Your Virtual Town Hall

Games are not just for kids. Everyone enjoys playing multiplayer online games. Therefore, adding games to your virtual town hall meeting is a great strategy to increase engagement at your virtual town hall in 2022. Some virtual meeting platforms allow you to add your games, while some of them have a pre-built library of games from which you can choose. Adding games develops a healthy sense of competition among the attendees. Moreover, it lets them interact with other participants and promote networking. Some of the popular games that you can include in your virtual town hall meeting are ludo, temple run and sudoku.

Collect Feedback

Taking attendee feedback is the key to future improvements. Collecting feedback from the attendees and asking them about their experience is an excellent way to make them heard and feel valued. Moreover, this will help you make improvements in future events. You can either use feedback forms or signature walls to collect feedback from the attendees. Taking feedback lets the employees leave their suggestions and opinions for improvements. It is also a great way to let the employees share their event experience and tell which parts of the event they liked the most.

Conduct Live Polls

Live polls are excellent to measure the attention levels of the participants. You can even ask the attendees to share their views on the subject of discussion. Conducting polls in real-time will also help you get deeper insights into the thoughts and opinions of your employees.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Many virtual town hall meeting platforms have an AI matchmaking feature that uses artificial intelligence to match the attendees with the right people. This is an excellent feature as it saves you from the manual labour of going through long lists and analyzing the interests of each participant. It also helps the attendees find the most relevant people to interact with and provide them with the best match recommendations.

Audio/Video Calls

Audio/video calls are a must-have feature for every virtual meeting platform. It is an excellent feature to fill the void of a physical event. Moreover, audio/video calls enable the attendees to see the expressions and the body language of others. Therefore, you must look for an online event platform that enables the attendees to have audio/video calls.

Celebrate Small Wins

A town hall meeting is the most appropriate place to celebrate the organization’s wins and let your employees know about the good work you have been doing. Moreover, appreciating the hard work of your employees helps increase engagement levels. In addition to discussing and communicating the achievements and milestones of the company, you can also felicitate the achievers.

Keep Short Sessions

Dividing your town hall meeting into small sessions of 20 minutes each enables you to keep the attendees engaged. It helps you to hold their attention for a longer duration. These mid-session breaks can also be used productively by holding Q&A sessions, playing a game, taking feedback and organizing quizzes.

Boost Interactivity

One of the best ways to amp up your virtual event game in 2022 is to boost interaction and develop two-way communication. This will help the attendees put forward their opinions and viewpoints. Features like Q&A sessions and live chats can also help introverts by providing them alternative channels to speak and ask questions.

Seamless Navigation and Browser-based Solutions

Seamless navigation enhances the overall experience of the employees. It makes navigating through the event platform easier for the participants. Moreover, browser-based saves the attendees from the trouble of downloading a separate app or software. They can simply enter the event URL in their browser and attend the meeting.

Conduct Interview

Conducting short interviews of the top performers will help provide the much-needed motivation and boost the employee’s morale. Also, the interview must cover the strategies they used and the challenges they encountered.

Final Words

With the rise in work from home culture, companies are increasingly opting for virtual events. If you also want to follow this trend and go virtual for hosting your next town hall meeting, the points given in this article will come in handy.


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