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How to Scan Documents on Mac Without Scanner

You do not need a scanner to scan documents on your Mac. You can perform document scanning effortlessly with the methods given in this article even without a scanner. 

You need a scanner to scan any document on a Mac is a myth.  It is possible to scan documents without having a scanner. You can read this article from start to finish with complete concentration to learn how to do it. 

Through this write-up, we acquaint you with multiple ways to scan documents on your device without any scanner. Let us get started with them without delay. 

Methods to Scan Documents on Mac with No Scanner

You can follow the below approaches to scan documents on your Mac device without the help of any scanner device. 

Method 1: Use your phone’s camera to scan 

The easiest way to scan documents when a scanner is not available is through the phone’s camera. You can take a picture of the document you want to scan to get its digitized version. The photo you capture is shareable across platforms hassle-freely, like social media, email, or messaging apps. It is a quick and easy way to convert paper documents to digital form. 

Method 2: Try using an OCR software 

OCR programs or the best scanner software for Mac lets you scan documents and digitize them on your device. The OCR software helps you convert your paper documents into Portable Document Files, or PDFs. After being converted into PDFs, your documents become searchable and editable. There are plenty of OCR programs available on the web. However, remember to use only legit ones to ensure your data does not get compromised. 

Following are some of the best applications you can use to scan your documents. 


This application is best known for its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, compatibility with other image apps, scanning through SANE backend libraries, and a quick scanning process are its other crucial features. 

PDF Scanner 

Here is yet another app you can get to digitize your documents. It offers many cool features, such as OCR integration and document editing/cropping. 


With this software, you can scan over 200 documents hassle-freely. Moreover, its compatibility with other scanners, individual profile creation, and aligning/cropping of scanned documents are some other features. 


Let us introduce you to VueScan. It is a multi-platform application with support for over 2800 scanners. Additionally, this app allows you to view scanned documents in various formats, such as TIFF, PDF, or JPG. 


We like SilverFast for its clarity and high-quality output. With this application, you can perform scanning in black/white and colored modes. It functions exceptionally well with around 340 scanners. 


Talking about DocScanner, the application is known for its quick and easy high-quality output. Moreover, availability in 15 languages, effective image and document scanning, easy PDF document editing, and effortless sharing of documents are DocScanner’s noteworthy features. 

Method 3: Use your device’s photo booth 

The photo booth on your Mac also allows you to scan documents on your device. Below are the steps to use it. 

  • Firstly, launch Photo Booth on your device. It automatically opens the device’s webcam. 
  • Now, put your document in front of your webcam and line the same on the screen. 
  • Now, click the red photo icon to capture a photo. 
  • Drag the photo that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen onto the desktop or in a specific folder on your device. 

Summing Up 

In this article, we discussed how to perform document scanning on your Mac device without any scanning machine. You can follow the methods shared in the above guide to get your documents scanned and converted into digital form. 

We hoped this article helped you. If you found this article helpful, share it with your pals to help them digitize their documents. We will return soon with another piece of tech information, until then, stay connected with us.


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