Five Characteristics of cloud computing permits for omnipresent, convenient, and on-demand access to a shared pool computing resources (e.g. networks, servers and storage) that may quickly be provisioned and free with very little management effort. Here I am offering the introduction to cloud computing which helps in understanding the technology better

Five necessary Characteristics for Cloud Computing each Cloud Engineer should recognize

Cloud Computing uses computing resources as well as package and hardware to supply services over a network.

Cloud Computing uses networks, applications and servers to supply on-demand, convenient services that need stripped-down management and repair supplier interaction.

Cloud computing is just how to store or access information and applications via the net, rather than on a tough drive.

Cloud computing will give services like packages, storage, or infrastructure.

Cloud computing is a lot of sort of a business model, wherever the service supplier will store the assets and manage them.

Cloud computing could be a nice technology due to its several advantages. Here square measure 3 reasons why cloud computing is therefore important:

Maintenance and management square measure straightforward from the user’s perspective.

You are ne’er restricted in your capability.

The services square measure accessible from any device with an online association.

To get the foremost out of this business model technologically and commercially, it’s essential to grasp the options of cloud computing.

Characteristics for Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has 5 essential characteristics:
On-demand Self-Service

Broad Network Access

Resource Pooling

Rapid snap

Measured Service

These 5 characteristics create cloud computing the foremost in-demand and droning technology of nowadays.

On-demand Self-Service

Cloud Computing services will be accessed on-demand, and do not need any human interaction. Cloud Computing services will be provided, managed, and monitored by the user. The self-service console is web-based.

The client may also produce the service by himself, like adding a lot of disc space to a virtual pc or making a replacement mailbox.

A traveler will book a price tag on-line and create his own arrangements. The complete method, from choosing the flight to picking the preference category, is totally machine-controlled and does not need any employee.

Broad Network Access

Cloud computing will be accessed via a network, typically over the net. non-public cloud services also are offered from associate locations inside an enterprise. These services will be accessed from a spread of devices, as well as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and workplace computers.

With an online association and a tool, the user will access existing information or transfer new information to the cloud.

The higher example shows that a traveler will book his tickets on-line from any device, like a smartphone or pill with web access.

Resource pooling and Multi-tenancy

By firmly separating the resources at a logical level, computing resources like servers, storage, apps, networks, and repair will all be pooled to supply multiple users with constant services. Multi-tenant models permit multiple customers to use constant application or infrastructure, whereas maintaining information security and privacy.

This is kind of like an associate apartment house, where multiple folks share constant infrastructure, however they have their own lodging.

The same goes for the portal travel website. Multiple passengers will be carried on constant flight. These passengers fly to a constant destination and board a constant flight. they’re allotted separate seats to support their demand and necessities.

Scalability and speedy snap

You can provision resource capabilities to satisfy your immediate wants. they’ll even be scaled down or removed after they don’t seem to be required.

This will typically happen in response to business wants. This ensures that the application continuously has the proper capability.

Cloud technology offers quantifiability, which adds cost-efficiency. a lot of servers will be more to satisfy high demand.

An airline would possibly increase the amount or stop flights if it’s unable to satisfy increasing demand.

Measured Service

Each indweller is chargeable for pursuit, monitoring, dominant, and news on the use of resources. each the service supplier yet because the client square measures able to see the results.

The cloud system includes a metering capability that enables you to observe charge and use of resources. you’ll be able to additionally pay just for what you’ve got used to.


Backup tape libraries  square measure a backup storage technology that’s accustomed to store information for recovery and backups. VTLs square measure storage elements that may be used with a backup package.


Tape backup permits you to mix storage with backup packages and existing recovery and backup policies.

Tape backup consolidates storage and speeds information restoration processes.

Disk technology is additionally able to write with efficiency no matter information transfer speeds and does not rely upon streaming.

Change to backup removes streaming problems that may typically have an effect on tape drives’ potency.

Backup tape library will increase the recovery performance by backing up information to disks instead of tapes.

Despite however enforced, restore processes square measure a lot more economical than backup.

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