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Free Rainbow Coloring Pages the My Little Pony series features a variety of wonderful characters that thrill viewers worldwide. Free Rainbow Coloring Pages can be challenging to pick a favourite character from the series, but many fans opt for the lovable Rainbow Dash.

This assortment of free coloring pages starring Rainbow Dash will provide hours of pony fun for all character fans! These websites are free to use, and you can share them with other pony enthusiasts.

So let’s begin this colourful journey with the first page of the series.

New Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages that are free to print and color

On the first coloring page, Rainbow Dash, a cartoon character, unquestionably lives up to her moniker. She seems to be having fun while moving very rapidly.

You could paint the backdrop in various shades to give the impression that she is speeding past it because she is in the midst of a run.

In the following scenario, our pony friend appears a little embarrassed. What, in your view, could be causing her to feel this way?

Pages of Free Coloring

You can illustrate what you believe to be bothering her by putting together a background scene to symbolize the situation. There are numerous ways to create a humorous situation.

Because she is standing in front of a genuine rainbow in this picture, Rainbow Dash is again truly living up to her name!

This fits the pony’s theme and allows you to add vibrant colours. This website ought to be a stunning display of colour when you’re finished!

On the next coloring sheet of Rainbow Dash, she looks like she will save the day! No threat is too great for her to overcome because she is the kind of person who will do anything for her companions.

Easy colouring Pages

Adding a background setting to the scene could give you yet another opportunity to express your ingenuity.

In the scene after, Rainbow Dash seems to be having a great time! How she looks down suggests that she has noticed one of her pony friends.

To illustrate the cause of her apparent happiness, you could draw one of your favourite pony characters running underneath her if you were feeling especially creative.

Which horse would you choose if you were forced to do this?

She appears to be reasonably brave and fierce in another picture! As fierce as such, a cute figure can appear, at least!

As you may already know, this character is primarily blue, with stunning rainbow coloring on her hair and tail.

If you choose to colour any of these pictures, you can stick with her usual hues or create a new look for this wonderful pony! The seventh page of our selection of free Rainbow Dash coloring pages for kids features a fun illustration of this unicorn.

She looks like she’s saying something funny, and her face is somewhat sarcastic.

Maybe you could add a speaking bubble over Rainbow Dash’s head with your favourite line from the character. We adore how perfectly Rainbow Dash is portrayed in the following picture! Again, she exudes sass and assurance, but it falls short.

Which colours and formats would be most effective for portraying this pony?

The next picture shows Rainbow looking much more relaxed and having fun.

Because the mediums you use can help to highlight a mood, we would use some coloured pencils or watercolour paints for this one to create a softer, calmer feeling for the scene.

However, what other options are you considering?

This coloring sheet for Rainbow Dash looks a little different. Her tail and hair are braided in this photo rather than hanging down, and it looks great!

This one lends itself to various intriguing colouring techniques and methods, and the braids also permit some intriguing colour combinations.

She also looks a little hesitant in this picture. This image also has a lot of space in the backdrop.

We think you could also come up with a delightful setting for this. Which My Little Pony world do you prefer?

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