Know About Different Kinds Of Mediclaim Insurance Plans


Mediclaim insurance plan is definitely a well rewarding one. You can get it for yourself or for your family. Both individual and health insurance plans for families are available from countless insurance providers in India. You can choose the best one that fits your requirements ideally. 

Here are the different kinds of Mediclaim insurance plans for your perusal. Read to know more!

1. Individual Mediclaim insurance policy:

The individual Mediclaim insurance policy offers coverage to an individual. In this health insurance plan, you will receive the incurred pre and post-hospitalization expenses. Also, you can claim the total sum insured. 

For instance, if you buy individual health insurance with a sum insured of up to Rs. 5 lakhs, you can claim up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Alternatively, you can also buy health insurance plans for a family. 


  • Covers a single person
  • Individual sum insured amount to each beneficiary
  • Includes hospitalization expenses 
  • Eligible for 18 to 65 years of age

2. Family floater Mediclaim insurance policy:

The family floater health plan is the health insurance plans for family. The sum insured gets equally shared by the beneficiaries of the policy. The premium of the health insurance plans for a family is comparatively lower than the individual policy. 

For instance, assume you have purchased a health insurance plan for a family, covering your two kids, spouse, and yourself for a sum insured of 20 lakhs. If you get hospitalized for surgery costing Rs. 10 lakhs, the policy shall cover you as per the conditions. The remaining Rs. 10 lakhs will be for future medical emergencies. 


  • The entire family gets covered in a single plan
  • Beneficiaries shares the sum insured
  • Offers financial coverage against surgeries, hospitalization, etc 

3. Senior citizen Mediclaim insurance policy:

The senior citizen Mediclaim policy is for people 65 years of age. You may opt for this if you want to buy health insurance plans for a family with senior citizens. However, the premium is high compared to health insurance plans for family and individuals. 


  • Offers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses coverage incurred due to illness, medical, and other treatments
  • The premium is high as elders tend to face medical issues

4. Critical illness insurance plan:

The critical illness Mediclaim plan provides financial assistance if you get diagnosed with a critical illness. The insurance policy offers coverage against heart attacks, paralysis, stroke, cancer, and organ failure. The insurer will pay a lump-sum amount if you raise the claim and terminate the policy,


  • Provides a one-time lump-sum amount if you have a critical illness
  • Lifetime renewability option
  • Survive at least thirty days after the diagnosis
  • Some plans offer complementary health checkups

5. Personal accident insurance plan:

This personal accident insurance plan comes in two types – Individual and group accident insurance. The former can be purchased for a single person and the latter is preferred for families. The premium range of this insurance plan starts from Rs. 744 to a maximum of Rs. 3,200. This insurance covers severe injuries, dismemberment, hospitalization charges coverage, academic support for children, life support coverage, burns and fracture damages, ambulance coverage, cash allowance, etc. 


  • Covers even the death of the insured person and provides necessary compensation. 
  • Helps in the transportation of mortal remains and covers funeral charges 
  • Secures the educational expenses of the children 

Other insurance plans 

Some of the other equally good health insurance plans are mentioned below for your perusal. You can also consider purchasing these medical insurances according to your requirements. 

6. Group health insurance:

The group Mediclaim plan covers a group of people. The most common type is the group medical cover. 

Here the employer offers the GMC to their employees. The GMC can be for an individual employee or include family members in the same policy. However, you have to pay an extra premium. 


  • Offers medical coverage to the employees and their dependents in some cases
  • Basic coverage is free for the employee.
  • Zero waiting period advantage
  • Covers maternity, daycare, and OPD treatments
  • Offers top-up of the sum insured amount 

7. Top-up health insurance:

The top-up Mediclaim insurance is ideal for those who want to replenish the sum insured up to a certain amount. The plan gets activated once you utilize the maximum claim amount. 


  • Offers the option for a higher sum insured over and above the basic plan
  • Most policies require to pay a fixed deductible amount

8. General Mediclaim health insurance:

You can opt for a Mediclaim health insurance plan for a family that covers the hospitalization cost related to accidents and illnesses. You can consider buying Mediclaim insurance to cover only the in-patient expenses. 


  • Provides in-patient medical expense coverage such as doctor fees, surgeries, nursing charges, anaesthesia, and oxygen cost
  • The plan gets available as group insurance, individual medical, and overseas medical insurance


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