Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Risks, Benefits, Recovery, Costs, and Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Risks, Benefits, Recovery, Costs, and Side  Effects

Unlike other types of epilation, Laser Hair Removal Treatment is preferred because it is permanent and healthy. Laser epilation, which provides permanent removal of unwanted hair, regardless of male or female, is painless compared to classical methods. It is extremely effective and harmless when done with the right devices and by experts. The area to be applied, skin type and color, and hair structure are examined by the experts, and what kind of device to use is selected and the person is informed about how many sessions the hair will be removed.

The main purpose of laser epilation is to destroy the hair root, not the hair. With the application of laser beams to the hair root, the function of the stem cell that provides the development of the hair is intentionally impaired. This prevents the hair from reappearing on
the skin's surface.

What is laser hair removal?

A laser, which is a light beam obtained by the excitation of rays, is used in many fields such as medicine and aesthetics. Laser epilation, which is used to eliminate hair growth, which is a cosmetic and psychosocial problem, is a method that has been applied for about 25 years. In laser epilation, which can be applied to all parts of the body, the hair should not be touched for a minimum of 15 days before the first application. Thus, both the amount and hardness of the hairs can be observed easily, and it is aimed to increase the efficiency of the laser. After the planning is done, the application area is cleaned.


After the parameters such as hair type and density, skin type, and color are examined by experts, the process begins by making serial shots to the desired area with the appropriate device. The completion of the Laser Hair Removal Treatment varies according to the skin and hair type, color, and width of the area. The process must be repeated at certain intervals. The purpose of laser epilation is to destroy the hair follicle. At this point, the sudden heat generated by the laser light is more effective on dark hairs.

What are the benefits?

The advantages of Laser Hair Removal Treatment include:

1: Since laser light targets the hair follicles, it damages the color pigments of the cells and provides a permanent solution for the hairs.

2: It does not cause any damage to the skin.

3: Each pulse of the laser beam takes less than a second and corresponds to more than one hair cell, so it is a fast permanent hair solution alternative. It can damage the color pigment of many hair cells in each quarter. It is preferred because the process is fast.

4: Regardless of gender, everyone gets definite results with the right treatment method in laser epilations.

5: They never have to use a process like waxing and razor again.

How does laser hair removal work?

The skin surface is scanned with the rays thrown on the skin by the head of the laser epilation device. The rays reach the skin of the person being held by the substance called melanin, which gives the hair its color. Thus, the energy transmitted by the laser transforms
into heat energy on the hair surface. The heat transmitted from the hair to the hair root causes the hair root to be destroyed in a very short time. With the deformation of the stem cells in the hair root in this way, the person gets rid of the hair in the relevant area forever.

Things to consider before laser hair removal are as follows:

1: Sun or solarium tanning reduces the effectiveness of the laser.
2: Before coming to laser epilation, products such as cream and oil should not be used.
3: No other type of epilation should be applied until one month before laser epilation and the hair should be extended.

4: One day before laser epilation, the hairs should be cut with a razor and made ready for application.

Things to consider after laser hair removal are:

5:  As long as the application area is red, it should not be exposed to the sun.
6: The hairs growing in the application area should not be interfered with.
7: It should be ensured that the application area does not sweat.
8: Devices that produce heat such as hot water, washing with fiber and hair dryers should not be used.

Apart from all these, it is important to follow the advice of the specialist who performs laser epilation and to apply the cream-like treatment methods carefully and on time.

Are there any side effects?

The laser used in laser epilation is extremely safe to use because it targets only the hair follicles without damaging the subcutaneous tissue and sweat glands. However, some pain may be felt during the application. In addition to other epilation applications, slight redness and edema may occur after laser epilation applications, which can be considered painless. Steroid-containing creams applied by your specialist quickly relieve these complaints. In
addition, although side effects such as thin crust, and hyper and hypopigmentation in the vesicles are seen, all of them are temporary complications.

Are there any risks?

Laser epilation only affects the hair root. It is aimed to burn the root by shining laser light on the melanin pigment in the hair root. The most important feature that distinguishes the laser from other methods is that it does not damage the tissue around the hair and its root.Therefore, it does not require any restrictions after the procedure.

It does not leave any stains or marks, as appropriate shots are made by experts with appropriate devices. Although it is said that the laser applied to the genital area is dangerous, it does not cause any harm to the area as the application does not go under the skin. It has no known link with skin cancer. There is no proven harm from laser epilation in other applied areas.

The Takeaway

You should research the Laser Hair Removal Treatment centers in detail beforehand. By choosing a meticulous center on medical devices and health, you take steps to get the best epilation results for yourself. You can create an appointment request by calling epilation
centers and learn the method required for your skin from aesthetic centers. Find out after the health tests carried out in aesthetic and epilation centers, such as whether you have skin suitable for laser epilation, and how many sessions will you get results. Not every epilation device is suitable for every skin, so you should decide on the most suitable laser epilation device for your skin, based on health tests. If light-skinned people have dark hair, visible results are obtained in a much shorter time than epilation. In people with fine hair, epilation responds after late and long sessions.


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