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When it comes to empowering women in the world. It becomes very difficult not to think about the famous and strong female Disney characters. Because all of the female characters of Disney are beautiful and strong in their own way. Right from all the Disney princesses to all the superheroes, we owe a lot to them. Because they have made our childhood memories even more wonderful.

There are so many incredible women in the Disney characters and shows, which are the real examples of empowerment in the world. They teach us to stand up for ourselves, solve all our problems, and follow our dreams, which is the most important thing for any female.

List of top female Disney characters

Here is the list of the top and also the most famous female Disney characters. These females will be helping you out in becoming more confident and strong with their inspiring stories. Have a look at the same. We have mentioned some of the top names in the article below for your reference.

  1. Anna

Anna is a character from the show Frozen. She is one of the best characters in the Disney and also has the strongest heart. Anna is a character, which is full of kindness and friendly nature. She has really a very optimistic approach towards life and this made her story even more powerful.

Anna believes strongly that there is always a way to turn out a bad situation into a good one. And therefore, she fixes almost everything in her story. She is hardworking too. This is the cherry on the cake for her story. She is willing to take several life-changing decisions in order to help out her sister and other people. Anna also has a great eagerness to solve different types of mysteries as well.

  1. Elsa

Elsa is a female Disney character, which used to be shown in the Frozen show. She is known to be very strong but actually, she is known to be flawed. Basically, she is not the one who can be admired or to get inspired. But yes! She gives the confidence to the females to be not at all ashamed of who we actually are. And also not to change ourselves for anyone else in the world until and unless it is good for us.

Elsa also teaches us that we should believe that it is absolutely okay to allow ourselves to feel good by being who we are. And simply accept ourselves the way we are. Basically, in simple terms, we can say that the character of Elsa is nothing, but gives us a way of self-acceptance.

  1. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is another very famous female Disney characters. She is known to be famous for Tangled. She played the role of a woman who is not at all afraid of chasing her dreams and fulfilling them. Rapunzel chased all her dreams and overcame all the problems in her own way. Basically, Rapunzel is a very well known Disney princess and also a heroine of the story.

She is an independent girl. She never wanted anyone else to interfere in her dreams. She can go as far as she has to go in order to achieve her dreams and be free. Even though she did not even expect anyone else to help her in terms of anything. She always kept her own wants and desires first and before anything else.

Along with the same, Rapunzel is very smart and also fearless. And this particular quality made her an inspiration for all the people. She is very strong. Rapunzel is loved by everyone. She showed the young girls and all the women that the world is not in charge of making you happy and doing something for you.

Rapunzel is known to be a real role model for all the women out there. Along with the same, it is also very helpful in teaching the students and giving them important values about life. Also, tell women that what is actually important and needed for being a good person overall. She is known to be one of the most wonderful and famous characters in the world. And much more credits in terms of female disney characters.

  1. Jasmin

Jasmin is one of the most famous and known female disney characters. She is known for her wonderful and cute charm. And people love her for the same. Along with being cute, jasmin is a character that shows a lot of potential in the feminist culture.

Jasmine is a beautiful character shown in Aladdin. She knows her worth and is absolutely ready to go out of her comfort zone and stand for what is right and what is wrong. She never wanted to confine herself to a particular place and situation anytime and anywhere. Jasmine always followed her heart and mind. She also fought for so many things that were against her and what she deserved. She also fought against injustice in the world. She became a real inspiration for women and young girls all around the world.

  1. Pocahontas 

Pocahontas is a very strong, adventurous, independent, and also very wise female disney characters. She is very brave and she always stands strong for herself. She is against all the crimes and all the wrong actions. She always tries to protect the rights of women and also their integrity.

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  1. Edna Mode

Now Edna mode is another very famous and powerful female Disney characters. She is a Pixar character and is so famous among people all across the globe. Stature wise she is small but in actuality, she is very strong and powerful. She is basically a very bubbly and naughty kind of personality.

She wears big and huge round glasses. So, she can look big in terms of stature and personality. Otherwise, she is very smart, strong, and intelligent along with being powerful.

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