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Location-Specific Cultural Elements to Be Aware of in Orlando

Orlando is the largest inland city on the Florida peninsula and is a popular tourist destination. Before the trip, it is worth delving a little into the history of this city and learning about the main cultural monuments. In this article, you will find everything to be a knowledgeable traveler and not miss the key places to visit.

Moving around Orlando and its surroundings

When arriving at the Orlando airport with family or friends, it is advisable to rent a car. Choose a roomy, comfortable SUV to transport luggage easily and keep passengers comfortable. Consider  SUV rentals in Orlando with Rental24h.com in advance to get a good car at a reasonable price for the desired period. The travel plan should include trips outside the city since many cultural sites are far from the noisy metropolis. The soft suspension of the SUV will make the unevenness of the dirt road invisible and create a comfortable ride.

How to get around in Orlando

Orlando is a big city, and it’s easy to get lost there. Get comfortable in Orlando in the first days of the trip to feel confident for the rest of the travel time. Use SUV rentals Orlando to quickly get around the city and surroundings on the first day after settling in and look for cool cafes and bars to relax in the evening.
A splendid opportunity to see the city in a romantic setting is to visit ICON Park. The startling Ferris wheel is the park’s main attraction (about 400 feet tall). The Ferris wheel is equipped with closed cabins with lighting and thermoregulation. If you want to arrange a romantic or quiet family dinner, it is possible to rent a private booth. Combine a delicious meal with a bird’s eye view of the legendary city!

Check out the Old Town

When exploring museums and parks, don’t forget to take a stroll through Orlando’s Old Town. This part of the city is a magical portal to the average American city of 50 years ago. Small non-chain stores of pastries and sweets and exhibitions of retro cars create a cozy and unique atmosphere that still attracts filmmakers. Use Orlando car rental to explore all the remarkable places and get a complete picture of the city.

Traditions: mini vacation at lunchtime

The afternoon is a time of rest for Orlando residents. During the Spaniard’s siesta, Orlando office workers might relieve morning stress with outdoor activities. It’s perfectly normal to surf or jet ski on your lunch break.
Arriving in Orlando, be prepared for long lunch breaks and plan business tasks for the morning or afternoon. You can share in the afternoon watersports tradition by relaxing on one of Orlando’s dozens of beautiful lakes. Use Orlando SUV rentals to drive around as many lakes as possible away from where you live.

Check out Orlando Brewing

If you want to get closer to the culture of Orlando, take a look at the most famous brewery in the city – Orlando Brewing. This brewery produces many delicious craft beers and is highly appreciated by the locals. The brewery has an outdoor patio where various events (mainly concerts) are often held. Good weather is common in Orlando, so enjoy a fresh beer outside in good company.
Using 4×4 rental services in the USA, it is better to get to bars and breweries by public transport or on foot to avoid an accident or a fine. It is also possible to book an optional second driver service so you too can relax on your trip.

Beware the alligator!

Alligators live in most of Orlando’s lakes. The locals are accustomed to this fact and rest near the water, remaining cautious. Be vigilant: if you want to go in for water sports, check how safe the water is!
If you want to avoid an unexpected meeting with an alligator, it is better to prepare in advance. Visit Gatorland to learn about the appearance and behavior of these amazing reptiles. An excursion to Gatorland is a classy idea for a family vacation. In the park, you will meet:

  • over 2,000 alligators of various species, including the endangered leucistic white alligators;
  • snakes;
  • crocodiles;
  • turtles;
  • panthers.

Visit Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is located outside the city limits, an hour’s drive to the east. This place is a lovely option for a car tour without an overnight stay. If you like NASA and space discoveries, rent an SUV and explore memorabilia that have been returned from open space. The Center also displays equipment and personal belongings of famous astronauts; the tour includes viewing a simulation of the launch of the shuttles.


Orlando is a diverse city with a multicultural population. The people here are friendly and inspired by the prodigious weather and the beauty of the architecture. Diversify your everyday life by plunging into a fairy tale and get an unforgettable experience by visiting Orlando!



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