Masako Katsura: The Unforgettable Queen of Billiards

Get ready to meet the queen of billiards, Masako Katsura! This legendary player shattered gender barriers in the male-dominated world of professional pool and became a true icon of the sport. From her impressive trick shots to her fearless attitude, nobody could ever forget this phenomenal woman who left an indelible mark on billiards history. Join us as we dive into the fascinating story of Masako Katsura and discover how she paved the way for future generations of female players.

Masako Katsura: The Unforgettable Queen of Billiards

Masako Katsura was a world-renowned billiards player from Japan. She was born on September 26, 1927, in Tokyo, and died on March 21, 2014, at the age of 86.

Katsura began playing pool at the age of 14, and quickly developed into a top-level player. She won her first major tournament, the All-Japan Women’s Pool Championship, in 1945. She would go on to win that tournament an astounding 13 times over the course of her career.

In addition to her many wins in Japan, Katsura also had great success on the international stage. She won the Women’s World Pool Championship in 1955 and 1957, and was runner-up in 1958 and 1959. In 1960, she became the first Asian woman to win the prestigious U.S. Open Billiards Championship.

Katsura’s accomplishments made her a household name in Japan, and she was often referred to as the “Queen of Billiards.” She was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in 1999, and the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2003.

Although she retired from competitive play in 1961, Masako Katsura remained active in the sport throughout her life. She served as vice president of both the Japanese Billiards Association and the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). In 2001, she was given the WPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her significant contributions

Her Life and Career

Masako Katsura was born in Osaka, Japan on March 3, 1936. She began playing pool at the age of eight, and by the time she was eighteen, she had become the national champion of Japan. She then went on to win the World Championship three times.

Katsura’s career came to an abrupt end in 1966 when she injured her back while practicing. She was only thirty years old at the time. Nevertheless, she continued to be active in the sport, serving as a coach and commentator. She also wrote several books about pool.

Katsura passed away on November 5, 2018 at the age of eighty-two. She will always be remembered as one of the greatest pool players of all time.

Why She Was So Successful

Masako Katsura was one of the most successful female billiards players of her time. She was born in Osaka, Japan in 1921 and began playing pool at the age of 15. She quickly rose to prominence in the Japanese billiards scene, winning numerous tournaments andsetting new records.

In addition to her natural talent, Masako was also known for her dedication to her craft. She often spent hours practicing her shots and studying her opponents. This helped her become one of the most feared players in the world.

Masako’s success on the billiards table earned her a huge following in Japan. She was nicknamed “The Unforgettable Queen of Billiards” and became a national celebrity. Her performances also attracted attention from overseas, where she became one of the first Japanese athletes to gain international recognition.

Masako retired from competitive play in 1966 but remained active in the sport, promoting billiards in her home country. She passed away in 2009 at the age of 87 but left behind a legacy as one of Japan’s greatest athletes.

What Made Her So Popular?

Masako Katsura was a world-renowned billiards player who dominated the sport in the early 1900s. She was born in Japan in 1886 and began playing pool at the age of eight. By the time she was sixteen, she had become the national champion of Japan.

Katsura’s success led to her being invited to compete in the United States, where she quickly became one of the most popular players in the country. Her elegant style and impressive skills made her a favorite among fans and she soon became known as the “Queen of Billiards.”

Katsura continued to dominate the sport throughout her career, winning multiple world championships. She retired from competitive play in 1922, but remained active in the billiards community until her death in 1957.

How She Changed the Sport

Biography of Masako Katsura was a Japanese professional billiards player who was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She is considered to be one of the first female professional players, and is credited with popularizing the sport among women in Japan.

Katsura began playing billiards at the age of 15, when she accompanied her father to a local pool hall. She quickly developed a passion for the game, and began entering local competitions. In 1896, she won the inaugural women’s national billiards championship.

During her career, Katsura toured extensively, giving exhibition matches in Japan and other countries. She was also successful in promoting the sport to women; her matches were often covered by newspapers, and she wrote a book on billiards instruction specifically for women. Thanks in large part to Katsura’s efforts, billiards became increasingly popular among Japanese women in the early 20th century.


The incredible life story of Masako Katsura is truly inspirational. She overcame the odds to become a professional billiards player and went on to make history by becoming the first woman in Japan to be officially recognized as a master at her sport. Her legacy lives on today, with many aspiring players looking up to her for inspiration. With perseverance and dedication, it’s possible for anyone—no matter their gender or background—to achieve great things in any field they may choose.

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